Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rain, Rain

Top // F21
Skirt // JC Penny
Glasses // Carol's Dream Boutique
Flats // Steve Madden
Lipstick // Revlon Matte in Really Red

I guess this outfit is appropriate because it's so rainy skirt reminds me of raindrops. I also forgot how awesome matte red lipstick is! I've been neglecting the poor stuff for a couple of months now, I'm glad to be re-united. 

My Mommy has been in Florida for the past 8 days and she comes home today! Yay my Mommy is back!! Another reason to be happy today, despite the gloom and doom outside my window. 

In the meantime I'll be listing some new stuff on etsy and making art.



Miss Lou said...

omg i love ur cat eye glasses!!
Cute blog by the way <3

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Thankyou, Miss Lou!

RedRoseVintage said...

Found your blog through loveelycia. LOVE your style!! Newest follower <3


Kailey said...

Just found your blog - absolutely adore your aesthetic! ♡♡♡

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Thank you!! I'll be following back :)

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Thank you, dear! <3