Friday, September 21, 2012

Sorry I Couldn't Hear You Over my Polka Dots

Dress// New York & Company
Glasses// Vintage
Shoes// Miz Moo

It's Friday again already?! Jesus. 
Tonight I'm going into the city with my dad to see Joe Jackson (as in the actual musician, not the deranged stage dad)
This is another one of my mom's dresses. Actually, I think it's both of ours. Sometimes when we go shopping and we find something we both like and fits us both we got halfsies on it and share it. not that we don't already share our entire wardrobes with either, but whatever.
Other than tonight, I'm looking forward to a semi quite weekend with Mike, maybe cooking some dinner tomorrow. I say quiet because on Tuesday my Aunt Glo is coming to visit, whom I love and adore, and she's kind of the life of the party, so next week might get a little nuts. Yeah, I hang out and party with old folks, so what? The old folks in my family rule :)



Lauren- Old Red Boots said...

That dress is so cute. I love that you and your mom share clothes. She must have great style too.

I try to share stuff with my mom, but she is about a foot taller than me :)

Katia said...

This outfit makes me think of Amélie a little - just the red and green with the shoes, and the black hair most likely! It's a good thing of course ;) Love the glasses!

And pft partying with old people is definitely where it's at.


Pony Chops said...

Gorgeous dress!

Lou from Foxy Whiskers said...

This outfit has the perfect mix of polka dots and glasses. Love it!
Love that you share clothes with your mum. I actually wish that I could meet my mum when she was my age. She had banging style!

Lou x