Friday, October 5, 2012

Flowers and Boots

Shirt// Some artsy store in Seattle
Skirt// Target
Boots// Doc Martens
Glasses// Kiss

I wish I knew who made this shirt. I got it like 4 years ago in Seattle in an indie shop but I cut the collar in such a way that I cut off the persons logo. So now I'll never know so I can't buy more stuff from them :(
I love pairing florals with shirts that have explosions on them and doc martens. I feel so *grunge*. Today has been a good Friday, took myself out to lunch, did a little shopping and and errands and got some orders out to the post office. I bought some fake meat from Trader Joe's today and I'm excited to chow down on that for dinner, I hear it's good. I also bought guacamole hummus, which sounds awesome but I tired it when I got home and it tastes like paste. Don't buy that junk.
Right now I'm gonna watch roseanne and draw WOOO!


PS Don't eat Trader Joe's peanut butter either, it was just recalled for salmonella YUCK!


Aayla @ said...

Love the Docs and your glasses. Very classic :)

My Painted Bird

Louise.Amabilis said...

There really is nothing better than floral and some docs, man I wish it were cold enough for me to throw on some damn tights already!

☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

cutie!!!! <3

Rae said...

Love everything here! Very adorable :) And the Docs are love! <3

Mary-Morgan said...

love the skirt! target has such great things!!

Mary-Morgan said...

love the skirt! target has such great things!