Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mystery Dress

Dress// Thrifted
Glasses// Kiss

Ok, so the designer/company that makes this dress is a total mystery to me. I got it from the thrift store and the tag has been ripped out. This may be really wishful thinking, but to me it looks like a Ted Baker dress. That sounds like it's too good to be true, but doesn't it really look like it's made by Ted baker? I think it does. It's definitely not actually vintage because I can tell by the way the remains of the tag look and the material seems new. 

Anybody recognize this dress or even have it? Because it just fits so wonderfully and I would probably like to buy more like it. The shape is perfect and its very comfortable. Damn tag rippers!


5 comments: said...

If you think it is Ted Baker then it is Ted Baker ;). You look adorbs.

<3 My Painted Bird

Rae said...

It looks perfect on you! <3

Gabi said...

That dress is freaking beautiful! Amazing thrift store find!



Pony Chops said...

Love this dress!!

Kim~whatpeggysaid said...

It really looks like a Ted Baker dress to me!