Friday, November 9, 2012

Houndstooth Reunion

 Coat// Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker (discontinued.. :( )
Shoes// Target
Hi everybody! So, I know I've been missing in action as of late on this blog...
I'm still adjusting to living in a post hurricane, and now post snow storm area. I cannot begin to say how lucky me and my family were through all of this.
I JUST caught up with getting all my etsy orders out from before the storm, after the post office being out of power most of last week. The gas situation is out of control too, so I'm also very lucky that I'm able to walk to a lot of places I need to get to, and that i work from home. I only have a little gas left, so I'm just going to wait this out and walk everywhere until it goes back to normal, because i know I am not mentally equipped to wait online for 2 hours for gas.

Which is why I'm showing you this awesome coat today! Walking everywhere means taking advantage of wearing stylish outwear, and I haven't worn this coat in a  couple years. I got kinda sick of the houndstooth thing so I put it in the back of my closet, but re-discoverd it yesterday and decided I like Houndstooth again.
I also found two jelly beans in the pocket. Normal people find old receipts and maybe money in their old coat pockets, but I find candy.

Oh and meet Hilda, my new gnome I painted! Isn't she pretty?



Louise.Amabilis said...

jacket <3

jessthetics said...

Hilda is so cute! Lovely coat xx

the morose bee said...

i have a gnome hilda as well! except i gave mine blue hair.

Adelleda said...

Hilda the gnome is adorable and so are you xx

Lauren- Old Red Boots said...

Those glasses are AMAZING. Wear them all the time!