Friday, November 23, 2012

So Long Autumn

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Dress// Miss Sixty
Boots// Vintage via Mom
Glasses// Ray Ban
Necklace// Vintage via Grandma

Two words: elastic and waistband. This is what I wore yesterday (Thanksgiving) and it's super comfy, and Thanksgiving is the last day of fall, in my head. I'm actually vegetarian, so I don't get too overly pumped about Thanksgiving, but my dad is a great cook and super accommodating to me and my non-meatring eating needs. One of the things he made yesterday was an onion suflee..and words cannot express how good it was. Oh my god. 
My two Aunts came over and dinner was interesting, lots of dysfunctional conversations but that was supposed to happen on Thanksgiving, right?

Anyways, now I can break out all my Christmas-y velvet dresses in red and black! My favorite kinds of dresses, and I only break them out around the holidays. 

I'm really enjoying my long weekend, and I'm off to go see Lincoln with the old folks!



jessthetics said...

Christmassy velvety dresses are the best. I love dressing up cosily when it gets to Christmas time. Your dress is so pretty xx

lazy explorers said...

Although I am super sad about Fall coming to an end, I am so excited for Christmastime!

There are always dysfunctional family things going on at our get togethers haha.

Caitlin said...


Pony Chops said...

I love this dress on you!