Friday, March 30, 2012

My Name is Melora

Dress // Thrifted 
Belt // Thrifted 
Shoes // Steve Madden 

Doesn't this dress remind you of the dress Rebecca from Ghost World was wearing when David Cross' creepy character tried hitting on her at Seymour's party? And she says her name is Melora. But I've got the Enid hair, so I'm a combination of both characters!
I thrifted this dress and it fits so perfectly. Except the straps are kinda wonky. I feel like if my bra straps are gonna show no matter what, I may as well make it deliberate, and wear a black or brightly colored one shade of nude..or those clear plastic straps....

And I'm dog sitting! Say hi to London! Yaaay!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Hairs!

Dress // Modcloth 
Flats // Steve Madden
Necklace // Bust Craftacular (I forget the company name, blast!)

Listening to // Julie Ruin

Do ya like my new hairs? I got them on Monday. I was in dire need of change, I wasn't diggin the long bangs thing anymore, I wanted something more blunt. I went to this place in the East Village that I've gone to once before, and I think I'll be making it my official go-to place. (it's called Crops for Girls if you were curious). I'm kind of a hair-dresser flip-flopper, I have trouble finding one that I like and is in my price range and this place is it. Also, they have bright pink walls and leopard smocks. Win.

I'm constantly re-inventing myself. I get so bored easily, but I like it that ways, it gives me many opportunities to experiment with my look. It's like the week I get a haircut I'm already planning what new thing I'll be doing with it within the next couple of months. When I was in high school/early college I was known for having different hair every month! When I was 18, I would change the color of my mohawk almost every two weeks. 

Also, this dress is my new favorite, and Modcloth has it in other prints/colors and I'm tempted to just buy them all because it fits like a dream.

I'm gonna make some tea, later!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Pattern Mixing Queen

Top // Thrifted via Renegade Craft Fair
Shorts // UO
Flats // Steve Madden
Earrings // Marc by Marc Jacobs
Necklace // Thrifted via Grandmother

I love finding new ways to mix patterns! Oh yeah, breaking fashion norms, whats up? :D

So I've been spending this week technically working three jobs. Pottery shop, freelancing, and Made By Midge. It seems like it would be super tiring, but I actually feel perky and energized each day (which can be partly thanks to coffee), but I'm pretty proud of my PMA lately. I bet the amazing weather is playing role too. 

I have tons of new ideas for my shop and my branding that I'm so excited to reveal, but in time! I gotta get my butt back to work now...


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Indie Characterture

Dress // Target
Shirt // Anthropologie
Belt // F21
Tights // Betsey Johnson
Boots // Indigo

Listening to // Vivian Girls

Well, it's been a while! At least for me. I'm having a pretty busy week, lots of projects I'm getting done and making progress on some new endeavors for my shop. I'm also doing some freelancing for a friend which is going pretty well! (hint if you need a faminist designer/iluustator you now know who to go to hint)

So, today I totally feel like this is an outfit you would see on some indie illustration of a quirky girl on a greeting card or art print you can buy on Etsy or in a card store in Williamsburg. It has all the cutesy elements. I'm pretty pleased with it, actually! I've been meaning to try the whole shirt-under-dress thing for a while now, and I just remembered I owned this dress thats perfect for the look. Do you ever forget you own a cute item of clothing, and then you remember you have it and it's like it's new again? It happens to me all the damn time...

This Rosie the Riveter business is what I've been doing with my hair lately, because it's totally in it's "CUT ME NOW PLEASE I'M SO AWKWARD" stage. I'm going to make an appointment to get it cut once I find the time. I'm thinking a super short bob with bangs. And then it will grow out evenly, because right now it's in mullet mode. Which sometimes I can dig, but I need a change.

Well, it's back to the grind for me, I'm sewing some new brooches for the shop! Keep an eye out ;)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Urgent! Conference Tabling Adventure

This past weekend I tabled at the New School for the Urgent! Celebrating 40 Years of Radical Feminism conference! My table was so bright and happy and feminist!

Please excuse the blurriness..two of these were taken with my phone. It was on St. Patricks day so I enjoyed the crap out of eating a green bagel. My table looked adorable and I was so proud of it. It definitely stuck out like a sore thumb, but hey!

I think soon I will do a outfit post with the green dress I was wearing that day, it was perfect for the occasion and it fits like it was made for me. Which is funny because it got it from the thrift store and by the way it's made I could tell it was custom made by hand. 

Anyways..enough dressie talk...I brought my ever-loyal boyfriend Mike with me, he helped me carry all my merch and boxes. He did the same for me at the NYC Feminist Zinefest. How nice of him :)
He was like my pack-mule (self proclaimed, I didn't name him that). I was kinda bummed that I couldn't really attend any of the work shops or anything because I didn't want to leave anything un-attended, including the boyfriend, haha! I could hear applause coming from the auditorium and I was like "waaaah I wanna go"...I wish my table was closer to all the action.  But, I met some rad folks, many from the blog-o-sphere, which is always cool/funny, seeing people from your tumblr feed as like, ACTUAL people... the internet is so weird sometimes. 

I hope to table at more awesome events like this! So far the next time I'm tabling is in June I'll be at the Scranton Zine Fest!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy International Womens Day!

Top // H&M
Skirt // H&M
Boots // L&T
Glasses // Thrifted
Button // Girly Pains on Etsy
Earrings // Marc by Marc Jacobs

Listening to // Shannon and the Clams (again, I'm kinda obsessed)

Whew! Today I was quite the busy bee! I should have sales more often! In honor of International Womens Day, I'm having a sale in my etsy and storenvy shops! (side note: the coupon code "womyn" is valid until 3 am tonight, for all ya'll west coasters) 

Anyways, todays outfit I think is one of my favorites. I had dinner with my mom yesterday at the mall, and then did some (glass and a half of wine) shopping, and I put this cute outfit together at H&M. I've been meaning to get something with the peter-pan collar thing for a while, and I finally got in on the trend. Not that I give into trends or anything, haha!
I've has these sunglasses since my high school years, and I just re-discovered that I own them. They're so weird and awesome.

That's it for now, folks! Time for me to pack some more orders and eat spaghetti!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

90's Nomad

Dress // Thrifted
Tights // Hue
Boots // L & T
Glasses // Carol's Dream Boutique on Etsy

Listening to // Bratmobile

I've been having such a productive couple of days! I'm quite proud of myself. I made new buttons for my shop, I cleaned and organized, blogged a ton.. I'm feeling pretty good about this week so far. I'd like to thank : coffee.
I was totally inspired by Allison Wolfe from Bratmobile's style today, with my fake-ass cat eye glasses and my 90 thrifted dress I got the other day, which is about as cheap polyester feeling as ever, but hey, it fits great. I be feelin' pretty cute :)


Monday, March 5, 2012

Gone Thrifting 3/4

If you read my last post, you'll know that I made the best thrifting adventure in while yesterday. I found a new spot, and I'm smitten.
The housewares section was just aisles and endless aisles of everyone's grandmothers attic, aka my heaven.

I found these adorable mini vases that I put on the blue shelf that's in the background of most of my outfit pictures, I think they give a great pop of color (cliche term, but hey). I also found this heart bank, sad-fully sans-stopper but hey, it was a dollar. (I already have a piggy bank's blue leopard print, because blue leopard print is the first thing you think of when you think of piggy banks, right?)

I also got two things in a fun print, this pencil skirt that looks adorable when its belted (gives a great kinda reverse peplum shape effect) and this 90's floral dress. Can't have enough of those. The purse was the last thing I picked up, and it is in pristine condition. Will be getting some good use out of this while going out painting the town red (pun intended) I also had the urge to buy a corny 50's record, and hell, I found it.. Hawaii In HIFI! I have yet to see if it even plays well or not...

Last but not least! The number one thing that made me laugh/smile the most (and the cheapest). This plaque. I mean come on. This is effing hilariously retro and amazing. I can just picture the little old lady the owned this prior to it making to the thrift store shelves. I wonder who gave it to her and why. It seems like the best cheesy gift from one cheesy lady to another. It just really makes me laugh. And it was 69 cents.

S'all for now.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Midge Loves Mustard

Shirt Dress // Brooklyn Industries
Belt // F21
Shoes // Steve Madden

Listening to // Shannon and the Clams

I've had quite an enjoyable sunday! Started off drinking coffee and packing up my orders to mail out tomorrow, which I love to do.
Packing orders is so much fun, I love to write the little "thank-you" notes I include and decorating envelopes. It's a labor of love.
Then I did another one of my favorite things... THRIFTING! Theres a store called "Unique" really close to me that I've never been to because its kind of hard to find, but today I found it, thanks to some handy directions from my new co-worker.
I stepped into the place and knew that me and the "other" store I went to are done with. This place was out of control, in the best way possible..but I'll talk about that more in tomorrow's Gone Thrifting post as I share with you all my new second hand goodies.
Speaking of second hand, I found this binocular case I'm using as a purse while cleaning out the alcove in my studio/office (which is also the spare room in my parents house). I love the idea of using this as a purse, I'm drawn to the rustic look of it. I also found this awesome glasses case that I've ben looking for since forever. It makes me laugh :D

How was your "day of rest"?


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Treat Yo' Self 2/29

It's my half-birthday! Does anyone actually care about those anyways? (besides me of course)

So, I bought my self some summery flats, and this cute change purse that shows my love for snail mail.
I love the 90's nostalgia of jelly shoes.. I had a red pair of mary jane jellies when I was a kid... I wish I still had them :( Even if they wouldn't fit, I would jut like to look at them every now and again. They were glittery, too.
I think it's important to treat yourself for little occasions like this. Especially given how hard I've been working as of late, it felt good to take a break and be frivolous for a part of my day. And then back to work of course.
I'm actually in the process of re-branding my shop. Which means new name, banner, packaging, etc. Total makeover. I'm working real long and hard on it so it comes out great. Any artist or designer knows that branding yourself is one of the hardest things ever. I'm taking my time on it, but I'm pumped! So, keep and eye out for that :D
Anyways, Happy March, and TREAT YO' SELF!