Monday, February 4, 2013

Hey, Babe

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 Head to Toe// Thrifted
Candy Heart Necklace// Glitterlimes


I feel like if Audrey Horne was into pin and leopard print she would have totally worn this outfit. I can hear her theme music in my head when I wear these retro heels and red lipstick...
I'm very proud of myself for putting together an outfit that is thrifted from head to toe, except my awesome necklace. I think slowly but surely I'll start exclusively shopping at modcloth and thrift stores/vintage shops. I mean, I'm a style blogger, where else am I gonna shop?! Haha.
I gotta say, getting dressed up and putting on makeup really does help me feel better when I'm under the weather. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have those those days where leopard skirts and drawing on my eyebrows os the last thing on my mind, but if I'm feeling good enough to get cute, I do it and it makes me happy. Yay!



Suvi Kollanen said...

Great look! :) It immediately reminded me of Audrey Horne, and also of one picture of Kate Moss photographed by Corinne Day.

I've been also thinking of starting to buy all my clothes second hand, or making them myself. It would certainly suit my current budget and it would be more ecological too...


Simonas street said...

Love the look!

XO, Simona

Emily said...

You look so cute! Your hair looks good too :) And yay I always feel proud when I wear an entirely thrifted outfit

cuteNroll said...

You look cute! I really love the combo pink - leopard! I've made an outfit with similar combo (lilac and zebra)

alice c'n'r

Lauren- Old Red Boots said...

Gosh you look so hot in this outfit!

And you are pulling off Audrey quite well.

Blythe said...

Adorable necklace! Cute shoes too.

Andi B. Goode said...

Love this outfit! So awesome :)