Friday, March 22, 2013

Fancying Friday

 photo jelly_belly_zps637edcd7.jpg
Jelly beans are my weakness, and my dad just bought a crap load, along with other Easter Candy goodies.

2// This lady, Laura Flook's life
 photo tumblr_mjsg7uUfut1r7ue8io2_500_zps35afea99.png

Is it ok that I add somebody/their life to a friday fave list? Whatever, I just did, it's my blog! I reblogged this screengrab on tumblr, not knowing what it was from. Turns out it's from that show Oddities and this lady is a model turned mortician turned fashion designer. If she ended up on project runway it would make my life.

3// This print by Laurence and Luna on Etsy
 photo il_570xN390679852_iiym_zps841a9156.jpg
I love this little dolly picture!

4// Henry the Molar Plushie by The Humble Carnival on Esty
 photo il_570xN433681730_13fg_zps5d1ec57c.jpg
I wanna cuddle with this toothie! So cute.

Have a good weekend!



Missy said...

I love Jen from the Humble Carnival! She is my pen pal! Her crafts are great.

Jen said...

What an awesome start to my day to pop by your blog and spy my little Henry Tooth! I've been dreading this day for 2 weeks now (work crap) and you just put the biggest smile on my face! Thanks friend :)

Oh and I remember when that episode of Oddities came on I was totally crazy about that lady. She's pretty awesome!

Jen said...

Thanks Missy! I <3 you too! :)

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Awww, Jen! That's so sweet, it makes me happy to have brightened up you day ( and I do genuinely love the toothie doll, especially his name)

Yeah, Oddities lady rules

Modern Girl Blitz said...

this is an adorable interaction. hahaha

Nancy Wilde said...

Oh my god, I love jelly beans!!!

Missy said...

<3 !!!!