Thursday, March 28, 2013

Too Much Geek

 photo IMG_9778_zpsfae642c3.jpg  photo IMG_9787_zps173c959c.jpg

Top// H&M
Skirt// Thrifted
Shoes// Abound
Glasses// Kiss

Oh hai! This is gonna be quick, I'm on my way out the door! This outfit may be jus a tad too much geek chic for me. If that's even possible. I like my skirts a tad shorter. Other than that it totally has Audrey Horne appeal. 

Anyways, gotta go!

PS Kate Nash was awesome, thanks for all your comments! I'll post about that later!


lazy explorers said...

So perfectly geek chic! I love it!
You look like a character in a movie!
Do you like Doctor Who? I just started the series and I'm on a hunt for people to talk about it with. Hee.

Rue Tambour said...

Some serious skirt but I like!

inbetweenidols said...

Oooh, gurl, your glasses have me swoonin'. That red ombre (I think) cat-eye, can't even handle it!

lauren || in between idols.

Modern Girl Blitz said...

haha thanks! i feel like the only one who DOESN'T watch doctor who!

Modern Girl Blitz said...

oooh thanks! yup, theyre red ombre! mad cheap on ebay!

Modern Girl Blitz said...

it is some serious skirt. haha, thanks darlin!

Sian said...

Love that skirt. I really love (what I assume is) your bedroom! You've got some super cute oranaments. :)