Friday, April 26, 2013

A Little Call for Sponsors

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Hello! I'm gonna keep this short n' sweet.

I'm starting to really get the hang of this whole blogging business, so thought I would post a little call for sponsors..why not! Sponsoring my little bloggy blog will give me just the boost I need to improve the content of my posts, while your blog or shop will get some new traffic. Win win!

Also, starting in May, I will be doing a sponsor feature post every month! All you lovely folks who snag an ad, or swap, will get to submit a little blurb about yourself and a picture to be included in a feature post with all the others, and I will make it look all cute in it's own little graphic. (I'll be emailing you about this, so no need to submit anything yet)
Don't' fret, lovelies who have ad spots now, you will be included in this first sponsor feature post too, even if your ad has expired by the time the feature is posted. I feel it's only fair!

Anyway, you can head over to the Sponsor tab (or click here) to get all the details and my stats! I use Passionfruit for my ads, which is like, the easiest thing ever. Yay!



Sammi said...

Hi Midge! I'm definitely interested in grabbing a sponsor spot! I'm gonna head over to your sponsor pg. and grab one :)

xox Sammi

Modern Girl Blitz said...

thank you so much! <3

Altaf Shah said...

I feel so proud to be on your site, and i am really happy to know that there are many NGO who started to support poor people, even I know one NGO personally who also support poor children,rights of a girl child