Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sands Point

So, remember on my Spring Goals I was talking about how I wanted to go an explore more of what Long Island has to offer before I move? I did that this past Saturday, we went to Sands Point, a giant park/preserve with a CASTLE! We really liked it, we're going to come back in a couple of weeks when the flowers and trees are in bloom.

   What I wore:
 photo PhotoApr0610218PM_zpsaa3dd236.jpg

Coat// Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker (discontinued line,wah)
Dress// Modcloth
Sunglasses// Vintage 90's shades of choice of my mother (they used to be my mom's)
Shoes// Sam Edelmen 

 photo PhotoApr06125519PM_zps1d8fd840.jpg
I get so bashful when anyone besides my tripod takes my outfit pictures, so I end up posing like this and making dumb faces (that face is totally not meant to be sexy) (faces I make when my boyfriend takes my picture...lovely)

 I brought my good camera with me, but when we got there and I go to take a pretty castle picture...I forgot to put in the battery. Whoopsie! Thank jeebus for iPhones.  photo PhotoApr0610857PM_zps92878a0a.jpg

 photo PhotoApr0610452PM_zpsc3b30a18.jpg
 photo PhotoApr0610525PM_zpsea66d5ca.jpg  photo PhotoApr0612043PM_zpscc2efcb7.jpg
(sad garland)

We walked up a nature trail leading to the beach but only to find this. BOO! photo PhotoApr0613725PM_zps34991d38.jpg  photo PhotoApr0612258PM_zps19510357.jpg

 photo PhotoApr0615504PM_zpsd35670e7.jpg

...next time I'll remember my camera battery! Hope your weekend was awesome, too!



AliceS said...

Your outfits is lovely ^^
Good luck with the rest of your Spring Goal.

aimeejarnold said...

Wow! Your style is enviable, and that castle is gorgeous! Looks like a great day out <3 Aimee

Emma Schaeffer said...

I absolutely LOVE this outfit! The perfect combination of classic and fun.

-Emma from littlemotley.blogspot.com