Friday, April 19, 2013

The Tegan and Sara Shirt

 photo IMG_0620_zps096b5a21.jpg  photo IMG_0631_zpsc2dfb032.jpg

Shirt// Devotion 4
Dress & Socks// F21
Shoes// Steve Madden
Bracelet// Betsey Johnson
Glasses// Kiss

 photo IMG_0670_zps8705d8d3.jpg  photo IMG_0644_zpsf0b0af55.jpg

I had to shoot this outfit THREE times. First time I went to upload through my card reader, and nothing happened, so I though that my card reader was busted, then thought it was the memory card itself So then I used my smaller memory card and tried to upload the second set though the card reader again, and they all got erased. So then I was back to thinking the problem was the card reader, so I took the third set with the spare memory card and just uploaded straight from my camera. I feel my card reader is sucking the souls out of my memory cards. My 16GB seems to have gotten corrupted. Now I'm using one that has like a quarter of the space. Dang it. I'm no expert at things like this so I pretty much spent a good portion of my day being kinda confiused. And posing. I posed a lot today. haha. Third times a charm, I guess?

Anyway, I've had this shirt forever. I saw Tegan Quinn wearing it the video for BAck in Your Head by Tegan and Sara, and I wanted it! I scoured the interwebs and snagged one. This shirt has been through a lot with me! I obviously call it my Tegan and Sara shirt. I'm getting really into the shirt layered under/over dresses lately. As I said before, it's a good way to make to new outfits and utilize all the pieces in my wardrobe. Oh, and I love Marc Jacobs Daisy. It makes me feel pretty.

Happy Friday!



Nancy Wilde said...

I love those brown brogues so much!

Angel said...

i love this outfit!!

Emma Schaeffer said...

love that shoe and sock combo!! and your red tipped french manicure is very fun.

-Emma from

Jackie Humphrey said...

Memory cards are pesky things for sure. I'll share a quick little story; I was taking pictures of the reception of a wedding and my memory card got corrupted afterwards somehow during uploading and I lost ALL of the pictures. I felt so bad, it was terrible!

BUT on the bright side everything is fine now and this happened a couple years ago, AND you look gorgeous!

xo Jackie

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Oh, wow! I would have probably fainted if that happened to me..haha! And thank you so much! Glad you discovered my blog :)

Modern Girl Blitz said...

thank you! They're super comfy too.

Modern Girl Blitz said...

thank you! <3

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Thank you, Emma! <3