Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Zine Wall

 photo zinewall_zpsc4d2b927.jpg

So my zine/art wall is in the background of a lot of my pictures, so I thought I would share with all of you the lovely people who are responsible for my bedroom's best decoration!

1// Clap Zine Winter 2011
2// Just Do it Zine by The Radical Uprise
3// Club Imberbe by Una Buena Barba 
4// Vintage photo of some sailors cause I like sailors. They're all probably dead by now/crotchety old men.
5// Nasty with a Heart of Cold by Jenny Herbert
6// My Word By Missy Kulik
7// No One Can Fill Your Shoes Print by Jordan Grace Owens
8// Motor City Kitty #19 (traded..can't find a link to find it online)
9// Leave Town Zine (no website)
10// This is What a Feminist Likes by Audrey
11// Reclaim Your Girlhood by Laurence and Luna
12// Girls Get Busy Zine #4
13// Girls Girls Girls car/print by Tuesday Bassen
14// Live Through This Feminist Riot Grrrl Retrospective
15// Swan in a Ditch 
16// Simple Pleasures By Jen Williams
17// Typical Grrrls Zine by Tukru
18// Survey of Unconventional Women A-Z by Womanhouse
19// Postcard by Daisy de Villenuve
20// Doris #26
21// Bonbon by Missy Kulik 



Brianna Dearest said...

i feel honored to be on your wall! currently, you can get #19 from doris press ( in the us and fight boredom ( in canada <3

Brianna Dearest said...

oh and from vampire sushi ( in the uk! marching stars ( also carries some older issues, and fight boredom has my two latest.

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Oh! Shoulda known, haha! Thanks for the info, Bri <3333

Missy said...

WHat a great way to do a zine roundup on your blog! I love this! Checking out the links and pinning for sure.

Missy said...

Ps - thanks for showing my Bon Bon zine - I just noticed it. DUH on my part. :)

Missy said...

Oh and My Word on the first row!