Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trimmy Trim Trim

Last night  gave myself a major bang trim! I always cut them just a tad too short, but hey, it grows. Every time I cut my own hair, no matter how it comes out, I always have this OH GOD WHAT I HAVE I DONE feeling. But it always passes. And then I take celebratory self portraits. Yay!

 photo IMG_0267_zpsb7247a67.jpg

Headband// Modcloth
Glasses// Vintage
Sweater// Abound via Nordstrom Rack
Top// Charlotte Russe
Sylvia Plath Brooch// Daisy's Creations

 photo IMG_0265_zpsacee99ec.jpg

I'm quite pleased with how straight they came out. I used the same method I did in this tutorial.  I also like having my hair at this length, I can wear it loose it it's usual flippy style, or I can put it up in a cute mini-beehive do.

 photo IMG_0273_zps10ec0051.jpg

Oh, and that's a bump-it in there. You heard me. A bump-it. They're not just for Jersey Shore prom queen girls heard it here first!

 photo IMG_0291_zps68ceca45.jpg

Happy almost Friday!



A Geek In Glasses said...

Oh I love them! Mine have been driving me nuts and I am ready to give it a go and cut them. Lovin' the photos! Way to go girl!

A Geek In Glasses

Angel said...

Don't worry I always have the same feeling too when I cut my hair, haha. Your hair always look so nice!

Emma Schaeffer said...

I was about to say you should do a tutorial, and then I saw you already had. I probably need that; mine always come out so crooked :)

-Emma from

Sammi said...

I allllways cut my bangs too short too, usually in an effort to even them out... but luckily, they grow back quickly. And fortunately, you actually look great with the short, blunt bangs look! Those glasses are so so cute too, and I love the cardigan :)

xox Sammi

Emily said...

Your bangs look cute! I get the same thing when I trim my fringe, i always seem to cut it a bit too short..

dani said...

*dies a little bit bc u r the kewtest* yr pin is amazing and yr bangs look rlly nice :3

Rachel said...

Your glasses are literally amazing!! xx

Beauty and Le Freak said...

love your fringe, its so quirky and cute

Rebekah Bradford said...

So cute! I love that headband!

Wishcandy said...

Love your new bangs! They suit you. Looking so lovely. <3

Sarah Shackleford said...

I love these baby bangs so much! I'm always jealous of this style!

// Sarah

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Oh jeebus! Thanks... I had no idea you followed me! Your art is AMAZE! <3

Kitty Cat Stevens said...

i'm dying over that brooch and those glasses! i know how you feel about the whole cutting your own bangs situation! i used to wear mine straight across and would trim them so, so short. after a tiny freakout and a hair wash later i loved them though. they look great =]