Friday, May 17, 2013

Blue Overload

 photo IMG_1917copy_zpsac6ff512.jpg  photo IMG_1926copy_zps19d7bfa6.jpg

Top// Thrifted 
Shorts// F21
Tights// HUE
Shoes// Target/DIY
Sunglasses// Betseyville

Ok, this much blue in one outfit was so not intentional...I guess I just own a lot of blue things! Blue tights, top, hair flower, blue nails, and my purse that
s not pictured is also blue. And of course the wall behind me is blue. So not on purpose, haha! And pink sunglasses, duh. I think this my first time actually wearing these shorts, even though I bought them like a year ago. They are REALLY short to the point where its kinda uncomfortable. Whats with Forever21 and their way-too-short shorts? And you know me, I love my shorts and mini skirts but if I'm not careful these can look like underwear, haha. Oh well, they were dirt cheap because Forever21. 
I overslept today, one of those days where the alarm on your phone is just like "yeah not gonna work today". At least I'm self employed so it's not a big deal. And it's Friday! Yay, Friday!



Judith said...

looks really nice with that background!

Angie Bailey said...

Happy Friday!!! Blue is without a doubt my favorite color and so, I love this outfit. I also adore the pieces themselves, you put together such stylish outfits.

pigeon said...

very cute and happy outfit! pastel blue really suits you! ^^

[btw, today new cute post in my weirdoland -]