Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I had a lot of fun on my memorial day weekend in the woods (Bushkill, PA). You could tell we were a bunch  of city kids because we were all way to fascinated by all the nature around was a good escape.

 photo IMG_2419_zpsb482f324.jpg

There was this creek right in the back of the house.

 photo IMG_2342_zpsb07218f7.jpg

 photo IMG_2366_zps5c8b2af4.jpg
(I guess I'm really into taking beer photos?)

 photo IMG_2347_zps8361551f.jpg
There as this very odd patch of astro turf in the middle of the "backyard" section of the strange and funny! Who needs fake grass in the middle of the WOODS?  photo IMG_2372_zpsfa26330a.jpg  photo IMG_2402_zpsfd5b6a53.jpg  photo IMG_2412_zps161c750f.jpg  photo IMG_2397_zpsabb67a4b.jpg

There's something about how black and white photos like this that are so appealing to me...  photo IMG_2354_zps76d90359.jpg  photo IMG_2362_zpscdfd64bc.jpg

 photo IMG_2393_zps286e0776.jpg


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Lauren Douglas said...

Wow, I love the light in the last photo.
The patch of fake grass is odd... But whatever, haha.