Friday, May 24, 2013

Cardigan to the Rescue

 photo IMG_2280_zpsbc85e067.jpg

Dress// F21
Sweater// Abound
Button// Handmade
Shoes// Restricted

 photo IMG_2296_zps165f862e.jpg

I think we all love a good elastic waistband in a dress..or in anything for that matter! But don't you frickin hate it when the top is too big and like over flows over the bottom? Am I the only person with this problem? Anyways, nothing a tied up cardigan can't solve! Weird over flowing fit is instantly hidden. Thanks GOD. Such a weird look. I guess you get what you pay for (Forever 21).

Anyways, I'm going away this weekend for Memorial Day! Me, Mike and a bunch of or friends are renting a cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania. It's supposed to rain a lot which is kinda a bummer. Fingers crossed it's not too bad! Welp, I got a million and one things to get done before I head out, gotta run!



Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I HATE when the top falls below the waist of a dress. I want my waist accentuated, not hidden!

Lexi Singer said...

Every time I get a dress with an elastic waistband, it does that weird over flow thing! It sucks. I never thought of using a tied top to hide it though, Duh! Have great weekend!

pigeon said...

I love your outfit posts, they're always so colorful and cheerful!
[btw, post about kitschy goodies in my weirdoland -]

Taylor Hart said...

Hi there! Love your blog. Sounds like you are going to be having tons of fun this Memorial weekend! I usually cinch everything with a belt so that takes care of that. Following!