Thursday, May 16, 2013

May Sponsor Feature

YOU GUYS I'm doing my very first sponsor feature post! How exciting! With out further ado...    photo Alex_zps7d553c38.jpg
 photo Annie_zpse58e3a9c.jpg

 photo Ashely_zpsed7e666b.jpg

 photo isabelle_zps4c722e45.jpg

 photo Jenny_zps3f5ab2b7.jpg

 photo katherine_zpsb4052ade.jpg

 photo LauraMichele_zps8d5be900.jpg

 photo Lauren_zps3d3b1e8b.jpg

 photo Michelle_zpsae70d980.jpg
 photo Sarah_zps1237a456.jpg

 photo sarahbring_zps1655cbcf.jpg

Well, that's everybody! Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored/swapped with me this month. I love that us bloggers and crafty people can mutually support each other, it makes me so happy! 
Here's to another awesome month :)



☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

oh nooo i'm a ding dong!!! i forgot to participate in this. :(

Lauren- Old Red Boots said...

Yay! I'm so happy to be included with such a great group of ladies!

Typical 90s child... said...

Thanks for having me!!

Jenny said...

Hehe, it's cool seeing my face up there with some awesome people. said...

Yay for your first sponsor post! So happy to be included. :)

Sarah Shackleford said...

this makes me feel very special and a bit like I'm a movie star!

Angie Bailey said...

I loveeee this! You did a fabulous job. :D I'm stoked that I recognize some of the lovely ladies as friends of mine! Doing your first sponsor post is such fun. ^_^