Friday, May 10, 2013

Photo a Day in May: 10/31

 photo IMG_1633_zps5bfc3058.jpg
Another peek into my studio space! I love keeping all my cute knick knacks on the bookcase that holds a lot of my essentials. On the shelves below are most of my art supplies and some store stock. To the right is the alcove, which I call my cave. It holds some shipping stuff and it's also a little room to sit and relax in and do some drawing or writing.



Yorkshire Pud said...

Absolutely loving the typewriter! Definitely need to come by one of these on my thrifty travels :)

Yorkshire Pud x

pigeon said...

you have some pretty decoration!

Alice S. said...

I love to "see" your studio place!!

Nancy Wilde said...

I looove the typewriter :)