Thursday, May 16, 2013

Photo a Day in May: 16/31

 photo IMG_1939_zps8a677b11.jpg
I was having that mid-day slump feeling today, but like times 10. I felt so tired! My favorite magazine, Bust came in the mail so I took it as a sign to take a bit of a break from work, sit in the yard on a beautiful day with some iced tea and some good reading. And yes, I take my purse with me even when I'm just in the yard. I wanna be able to bring my phone and my key in case I get locked out and it saves my hands from carrying all this stuff!


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Angie Bailey said...

I love when a favorite magazine is in our mailbox! I find such joy in sitting down and flipping through, stopping on favorite articles. So fun. :) I love that blanket/towel, the colors are incredible!