Saturday, May 18, 2013

Photo a Day in May: 18/31

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I'm a summer baby! I love having my birthday in the summer. It's kinda towards the end (the 29th) but hey, it's still summer! Though it was bittersweet when I was a kid, cause it was always like a week away from the first day back to school. My family and I are total summer people, it's definitely the best season. Back when I was a kid in grade school, around the end of the school year, my mom and my uncle would call me and my cousins in sick and take us to a water park. It's definitely my favorite childhood memories. We called it "hookie day". Haha! I think this will totally be a tradition that I will carry on with my kids. And summers almost here again, yay!



Angie Bailey said...

I'm July 28th, we're nearly a month apart!!! It's odd, I am a TOTAL Autumn/early Spring girl, yet I was born in Summer, my wife was born in Summer and our wedding was in Summer!

Sarah Shackleford said...

My Birthday is August 28th! End of summer birthday was fun, except I'd get school themed presents.

Justina Gemignani said...

I love my summer birthday too! I'm a June 1st girl and my birthday was always the last day of school! Rock on!!