Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photo a Day in May: 29/31

 photo IMG_2451_zpsc9d43a20.jpg

This is my Hello Kitty suitcase where I keep my zine collection. I feel like a Hello Kitty suitcase is an appropriate place to keep a zine collection, no? I got it from a garage sale literally right across the street from where I'm sitting. It was one of those days where I was just like "I should go out an explore more often" and I made it across the street and found this bad boy. I feel awkward going to garage sales by myself, cause if it's a bunch of crap you always feel bad walking away empty I like bringing a buddy as a buffer. But this garage sale had the good kinda crap so it was a success!



Remi Germaine said...

Thats adorable! What a steal!

pigeon said...

so pretty! gee, i'm jealous (of the suitcase AND zine collection!). cute photo!

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