Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photo a Day in May: 30/31

 photo IMG_2476_zpsec18ec95.jpg

Well, here it is, my workspace! It's not ideal, but it'll do for now. And it's come a long way since I started working in here. I can't stand the color of the wall and the moldings, and the carpet is maroon. My family may have questionable color taste. But, I'll be outta here in less than a year so no point in changing everything now. At least I can decorate to my liking. And thats me watching various Janeane Garafolo standup videos on my computer while I work. I didn't want this shot of my workspace to be all organized/too pretty and stuff, because I wanted to show what it really looks like when I work! Usually all the crap to the side on the left is tucked away in cubby shelves but they hold my stock and envelopes while I pack orders. I like hanging out in here..but I'm excited for a fresh slate soon when I move!



Paige Mckenzie said...

Your workspace is cute! I know what you mean about just living with what you can't change .... the apartment I'm living in now has horrible cabinets, wall color, etc. but I'm moving really soon so I've sort of given up on it all and I've already started planning for the new home :)

Jenny said...

Same about the living with things you can't change, I'm renting for the foreseeable future so am used to trying to spruce up weird decorating. The house I'm in at the moment has dark green carpets and cream walls, weird!