Friday, May 31, 2013

Photo a Day in May: 31/31

 photo IMG_2679_zps425ec095.jpgHere are my favorite dresses. My beloved cute dressies. Lots of folks think it's frivulous to like clothes and shopping as much as I do, but dammit thats just the patriarchy talkin! (clothes/shopping, associated with women, women associated with weakness and frivulous-ness, ect, end feminist rant about society BS)
But my dresses are kind of my most prized possessions. Nothing brights up a crappy mood for me like putting on a pretty dress, even if I don't leave the house. And my love for clothes and style is the reason I have this blog in the first place! If I set out to treat myself to something, more often than not, it's a new dress. DRESSES RULE EVERYTHING AROUND ME.
Well, that's all folks, I hope you enjoyed all these little snippets into my life :)



Sian said...

Dresses definitely rule! It annoys the ever loving hell out of me that people expect women to dress feminine, then punish them for liking to dress feminine by saying its vain and weak. Boo to that.

Jess Buckley said...

Ah love these! Envious of your wardrobe <3

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Thank you! :)

Modern Girl Blitz said...


Sarah said...

Dresses are the bee's pajamas and the cat's knees. I say, let the haters hate and act like big, strong folk for not being so "frivolous" while we all have a party in our wonderful dresses.
And dem prints! That is one great wardrobe you have. :)