Sunday, May 5, 2013

Photo a Day in May: 5/31

 photo IMG_1217_zpsa3447a59.jpg

So this is the second photo in the little project that has someone's signature, and it's only day 5! But I had to include this CD by Lois, because I ordered it used off of Amazon a few days ago, and it was signed just by chance! It's so funny because this is the second time this has happened to me, last time it was a book signed by John frickin Waters.
I like that it says "dream big" because thats kind of a motto I live by too, and I really relate to the attitude she expresses in a lot of her songs. I will definitely treasure this!



Bridget Elizabeth Sweet said...

This is so cool! So jealous of the John Waters autograph.

Jess Buckley said...

I always seem to luck out on amazon too. I got a limited edition print of one of my favorite albums, when I'd only ordered the basic one used, for like 30 cents! Such a steal!

Hope we continue to have this luck!
Much love

Modern Girl Blitz said...

So cool! We're some lucky folks!

Jackie Humphrey said...

Love little surprises like that!