Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stripes, Dots, and Stripes

 photo IMG_2497_zpscb021621.jpg
Top// H&M
Shorts// Modcloth
Shoes// DSW (old)
Bracelet// Betsey Johnson (Similar)
Glasses// Coastal  photo IMG_2516_zps04a88919.jpg  photo IMG_2520_zps85946fb0.jpg

Hi! I got another pair of new glasses. Aren't they the cutest? Anything clear and pink is for me. 
Anywho, I found myself wanting a simple striped shirt recently and I actually found this one buried in my pajama drawer. I do that sometimes, because I can kinda be a ditz, and then forget I won certain things cause I just blatantly put them in the wrong spot. But whenever I find my self wanting a piece of clothing that's really basic, I always scour my own collection first. You'd be surprised how much  stuff you already's like shopping in your own closet! (I do this kinda thing often) (I have ALOT of clothing) I love finding old things I forgot about and reworking them into my evolved sense of style. It's like a fun style challenge...creating new outfits with old stuff. 

In other news, IT'S HOT AS HELL OUT THERE. I'll be hanging out with my new BFF the air conditioner now, later! 


pigeon said...

i really like how you always mix the patterns! and omg, this last photo is gorgeous! love your tatoo and transparent glasses! <3

Kelly-Ann Maddox said...

I do exactly the same thing: scouring my closet first before buying something new. I also do it mentally when I'm holding a piece of clothing I'm considering purchasing. I'll be holding a green dress and thinking, 'Do you already have a green dress that you never wear?' The answer is almost certainly 'yes' and it's this handy exercise which has prevented me from drowning in unnecessary clothes.

Anything clear and pink is for me too :) Good choice.

Modern Girl Blitz said...

aww thank you! i appreciate it :)

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Right? I do that too, buuut sometimes I don't listen to my own advice, hence why I have too many clothes. haha!

Jenny said...

I love the scalloped hem on those shorts, so cute! I really need to look through my wardrobe too, I swear there must be loads of clothes I don't wear just because they're hiding in the mess of my wardrobe!

Kristian said...

Fantastic shorts and how great that you found it in your own closet already!