Monday, May 6, 2013

The Perfect Bad Girl Glasses - A Review

You guys, I think I found my dream glasses.  My eyesight isn't really that bad, I only need my glasses for distance, so I can still get away with just wearing the clear ones that I seem to have been collecting (those vintage silver ones I wear don't even have any lenses in them at all! haha!)

But it is nice to be able to see everything in front of me, so lately I've been on the hunt for the perfect cat eye prescription glasses. So when the opportunity to review these glasses from Coastal came my way I was so thrilled.
 photo IMG_1417_zps8b555d2a.jpg  photo IMG_1401_zps077cee22.jpg
They have total bad-girl/Pink Lady/Enid Coleslaw appeal. I think it's safe to say that these are the quintessential Enid specs. And the little details are nice, I especially like the multiplication/division symbols on each side. I'm not much of a math type, but I still think it's cute. I love little details, it makes things more special and unique, and it makes me smile. Better than the go-to rhinestone for this type of style, in my humble opinion.
 photo IMG_1424_zps14851947.jpg
The minute I tried these babies on I immediately felt my sass meter go off the chart. Cat eyes are like, a way of life, people. They have such attitude, and attitude that fits me perfectly. The frames are on the large side, which is totally my style. Just keep that in mind if you have a little face like moi, if you're shopping for the same kinda style. But they have a whole SECTION dedicated to cat eye glasses, so there really is a cat-eye for everyone out there! photo IMG_1318_zps4ee4a517.jpg  photo IMG_1343_zps8d462422.jpg  photo IMG_1280_zps2ef4ccc0.jpg
All in all, these are close to perfect for me. And that's coming from me, Midge, the self-proclaimed glasses enthusiast and connoisseur. They're a real intense and distinct shape, which is great for us daring ones.  Please bury me in these, along side my record player.



Typical 90s child... said...

I've been longing for the Derek Cardigans for a while now, they look perfect on you!! Love that last pic btw!!!!!


Wendy Orozco said...

I have the same exact pair, and they are amazing. Always getting compliments about them .. you look gorgeous!

Sammi said...

Goooorgeous glasses, I love them on you! You totally look like Enid from Ghost World (which I loove). I want a pair!!

xox Sammi

Sarah said...

Just, the fact that they have math symbols in the corners is making my heart go all aflutter. Very cool.
Which is funny, cause it's math.

Angel said...

They look perfect on you!

Rhiannon said...

Green is a fab color on you, grrl.
<3 Rhirhi

Enid Twiglet said...

Gorgeous! Cats eye glasses are definately the perfect "Enid" glasses, I love my pair xx

Ayaan Ali said...

Yes Enid!!

Sian said...

Very cool & very Enid Coleslaw. The little detail of the maths symbols in the corners is pretty genius. They look perfect on you. :)

Bridget Elizabeth Sweet said...

Those are honestly perfect (the multiply/divide detailing!!!) and they look so good on you.

Chelster Skelter said...

Sell me these glasses, please =O