Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Little Anniversary/Etsy Sale

This Sunday marks the two year anniversary of my first sale in my Etsy Shop! This little anniversary means SO much to me, selling my art full time has always been something I've wanted to do as my job. And now that dream is a reality thank to all the lovelies that have supported me and my work. I've tried my hand at being an Etsy seller, multiple times, and failed, multiple times. You'll even see on my shop's home page that my store has been there since 2008! But I kept on trying out new things, and once I started making zines is when I started to finally get recognized. Now, I didn't make zines with the intention of making a profit, I made them because I wanted my work to get out there in the hands of people would appreciate it and know my name, the attitude one should have when thinking about making a zine. But then, when I graduated design school and had trouble with real world jobs, I kicked it into high gear and started making other things. Now my job is making art and accessories for the raddest people on earth, and I couldn't be more grateful.

So thanks to all of you who have supported me over the past two years. Of course, I am having a sale to celebrate! The coupon code TWOYEARS will get you 20% off your entire order, sale lasts from now throughout the weekend.

Here are some one my favorite new items that I'm mighty proud of!

 photo il_570xN466847756_hl0c_zps6384a372.jpg

 photo il_570xN466831535_rfw9_zpsd901e793.jpg

 photo il_570xN464836420_abue_zpsa4b1c814.jpg
 photo il_570xN466823393_9q0z_zpse462da57.jpg
 photo il_570xN464834052_9hpn_zps519b7a54.jpg



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Nebulainbloom said...

Awesome! I need to kick my butt into high gear and make things. I'm glad that you also included that it wasn't easy starting it because I feel like other girls make it seem so darn easy.
Happy 2 years and many, many more!

lazy explorers said...

Woo! Congrats! Your esty shop is one of my favorites! Speaking of which, I would love to put up and ad for your shop on my blog. If you want to, just send me over an ad on my email and I'll put it up for you :)