Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Never Wear White

 photo IMG_2847_zpsbd69794b.jpg

Top// H&M (swiped from Mom's closet)
Shorts// Target (old)
Shoes// Crown Vintage
Glasses// Coastal

 photo IMG_2869_zpsa9273266.jpg  photo IMG_2894_zps7622ca3d.jpg  photo IMG_2885_zpsd90ba6c7.jpg

I was in the mood to wear something light and airy today, possibly something white. Then I realized...I DON'T OWN ANY WHITE CLOTHING. Like, zilch. Literally. Nothing. Actually, I have one top thats mostly white, but with a red collar, but I digress. I don't hate white though, I just never really bought anything in the color. Considering how much of an extensive wardrobe I have, this is kinda a feat. So what do I do? Of course I go into my moms closet to find something to wear. She does the same to me, so it's a good mutual understanding we both steal eachother's cute clothes. (I saw the same thing happening on the Kardashians once and I was like OH NO.) (Yeah, I watch crap TV from time to time aka every day)

Anyway, I saw this top and it was kind of exactly what I was looking for. I love button downs, and I loooove the interesting shape of the sleeves. And I kinda all about the summery combo of the white tied up top with the chambray-type shorts, which is another piece I haven't worn in years because it was forgotten at the bottom of the drawer. I gotta remember this as a good going-out outfit for Montauk. That's one the best things about having a style blog...I have this catalogue of awesome outfits for me to refer when I'm stuck on what to wear on certain days. May I say it is quite convenient!



Sian said...

Super cute summery outfit. I love all the details on those shorts.

I have hardly any white clothes except plain camis and t-shirts, but they're mainly for layering.

Mandy Ferrugia said...

This is a great summer outfit! That top really is cute. And the shoes! CUTE. WANT. Yes.

xo. Mandy

Elana said...

Your mom has great taste! This top is so cute, you should definitely say that it "went missing" and keep it for yourself ;) I dont' how I ended up with so much, but I have a ton of white clothing for some reason. Weird. I love it though!

Kitty Cat Stevens said...

i love this outfit— so perfect or summer! and i know exactly what you mean about having a lookbook of outfits, it's so much fun to look back on your own blog and see how your style has evolved. alsooooo i obviously love those glasses because i have the same ones— they look awesome on ya!