Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Layer Love

 photo IMG_3221_zpsb00fae1c.jpg  photo IMG_3230_zps1b6f7828.jpg  photo IMG_3233_zps2aba8ecb.jpg

Dress// ModCloth
Glasses// Kiss
Shoes// Zigi Soho

 photo IMG_3242_zpsb053e066.jpg  photo IMG_3252_zps9efbe2e2.jpg

Oh, hello! I got this top this past weekend at the Modcloth event. I've always wanted a basic black top like this, with a retro twist to it. It was the only thing I got there, so I went thrifting the next saturday and got some great new summer pieces that I'm excited to share with you all! I fond the summer so inspiring, the basic idea that it's almost summer gives me all the excuses in the world to take it easy and not be so much of a work-a-holic. Hence the whole concept of "summer fridays". I don't even work in a real office, just a home for one but you can be damn sure that we do have summer fridays here at Modern Girl Blitz Studio. Too bad it's Wednesday.

I love the 50's nautical look to this outfit. The dress is so light and airy, and the shirt is a breathable cotton so I'm not too hot layering them. Win and win. Oh, and I pretty much exclusively wear Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue during this time of year. I love how powerful scents can be, which is why I designate certain perfumes for times of the year. This scent will always remind me of summer.



pigeon said...


cuteNroll said...

cute outfit

alice c'n'r

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

I am definitely more drawn to certain scents at certain times of year too, even down to my shower gel. I love this outfit, that top is lovely xo

Sian said...

Love that top, the ties are super cute.

D&G Light Blue is one of my fave perfumes! I wore it none stop at one point because it reminds me of the first girl I ever fell in love with. /tmi.

Modern Girl Blitz said...


Sarah said...

That skirt looks so comfy. I love the stripes!

xx S.
The Laughing Medusa

Elif said...

Love the top its plain yet really fashionable :)