Saturday, June 1, 2013

Shoe Makeover DIY

 photo SHOEMAKEOVER_zps42adef6d.jpg Every time I go to DSW I see so many cute versions of the oxford shoe. Then today I was drooling over some cute ones over on Amazon, but I had already bought Wendy Williams' advice book, and I only allow one silly splurge a day so buying shoes were a naughty no-no. Before I go and splurge, I think to myself..I have TWO pairs of plain oxfords at home, and pretty much an entire craft store in my studio. I finally decided to make-over one of my own plain black oxfords that I've had for years that I got from Target. They were just plain black when I got them. photo IMG_2747_zps4a0889db.jpg
If you are a crafty type like me, chances are you wont have to make a trip to the store to makeover your shoes. Here's what you will need:

-craft paint
-fabric scraps
-packing tape
-fray check
-fabric glue
-clear sealant (like mod podge)

Everything is fairly self explanatory, painting wise. Pick your color, and paint the shoes accordingly. I was going to do mint, but I feel like I use that color too much on things, so I switched over to a powder blue. I found that I needed to do about 3 coats to get full coverage. And I added little venus symbols to the backs! When its done and dry, seal it all up with mod podge, or something like mod podge. Use painters tape if you need!
 photo IMG_2772_zpsb05fbb3a.jpg  photo IMG_2709_zps48eb5a2e.jpg

For the laces:

This kind of depends on what you have. I had really short scraps of this cute retro floral, so I had to end up gluing them all together into one long strip to make one shoe lace. If you have longer strips, you obviously don't have to do that.

Once I was finished gluing the strips together (the were about and inch and a half wide, but this doesn't have to be exact) I put some glue on one side of the "wrong" side of the fabric, then folded it over and glued it together. Once this was all good n' dry, I fray checked the edges. This is important, especially once you start to lace them through the shoe holes.

When that's all done and dries, (I found that the fabric paint dried fairly quickly) cut the ends of the laces at an angle. Then wrap the ends in packing tape, or any kind of sturdy tape you have. Warp and wrap until the ends are nice and thin. I couldn't get mine thin enough to fit in the lace holes and ended up having to widen them with a metal awl. If you end up doing this, be sure to be careful. Don't hurt yaself, now. Then lace them through as you normally would with any shoe laces. Be prepared to tug at it if you had to glue of bunch of strips together, mine got stuck often and I had to do a lot of pulling. But I got it eventually!  photo PhotoMay3181130PM_zps7c922ee5.jpg
Then your pretty much finito! I ended up tucking the laces ends in as a personal preference. I like a neater look. Still gotta trim up some frayed edges I must have missed, but they still came out pretty good, I think! I can only image what the laces would look like if I skipped the fray check...they would look hairy almost..haha!
 photo IMG_2750_zps04677454.jpg  photo IMG_2748_zps5d44daae.jpg  photo IMG_2734_zpsec39c5c2.jpg  photo IMG_2698_zps60799659.jpg
Now go into your yard and show off your new shoes by levitating, as seen above.



Sian said...

Those are adorable! Love the laces and venus symbols. I keep thinking I should do something like this on some of my old shoes. :)

pigeon said...

i love them! especially feminine symbols on the back, so cool!!

lazy explorers said...

So cute! I need to nab a cheap pair so I can do this.

Sarah Shackleford said...

What a fun idea. I have some shoes that could use sprucing!

Sarah said...

That is so ridiculously cute. Suddenly, I just want to paint all of my shoes...

Irish Attic said...

I love the fact that you used recycled items to make your new shoes. This would be a great project to rejuvinate a pair of scuffed shoes.