Monday, June 10, 2013

Too Much Fun

 photo IMG_2912_zpsb213a2ed.jpg  photo IMG_2935_zpse78fd032.jpg  photo IMG_2905_zps5211373f.jpg

Necklace// ModCloth
Glasses// Coastal
Shoes// Liz Claibourne 

 photo IMG_2950_zpsba8e6a9e.jpg  photo IMG_2941_zps576db6bf.jpg

I think I've worn this dress on this blog before, but I think that was before I had my room done and got a better camera. So in my mind, it never happened, haha! I actually wear this dress allll the time. It's on of those dresses that puts you in a better mood once you slip it on because its makes me feel all pretty and stuff. And modcloth has it in so many different patterns, too. I need to control myself from snapping and buying all of them...
Hope you had a fun weekend! I spent mine in New Jersey at Mike's folk's place. No special occasion, just hanging out. He has two cornish rexes (siamese like cats) and a rescue greyhound. If there are pets in the house I am happy and forever amused. Their animals so so mild mannered and nice, especially the dog. I never had pets growing up because my dad is allergic, so whenever I go over to someone's house that has pets I get unreasonably excited.
Anyways, we spent yesterday in west village on our way back to Long Island, met up with his old college buddy and drank beer that taste like blueberries. All in all, a great weekend!

Hope something awesome happens to you today to brighten up this dreary Monday.



Rachel Sullivan said...

This dress does look like fun! I love the lipstick necklace and I really dig your art wall.


cuteNroll said...

really cute dress, it mach perfectly with red shoes and your necklace is so cute!

alice c'n'r

Sammi said...

Such a cute dress, and I LOVE it with those shoes! That necklace is too darling!! Adorable as always.

xox Sammi

pigeon said...

pretty colors! i love love your shoes!

Sian said...

Cute dress, I love when you find one of those pieces of clothes that give you a real pick me up when you put it on. :)

That necklace is awesome too! Lipstick forever!

lazy explorers said...

I love that lipstick necklace on you! And the dress is rather cheery!

Sara Świętosławska said...

necklace <3

Jackie Humphrey said...

I guess what brightened my day on this dreary Monday is that I don't have work due to the rain, but it also sucks since that also means no money! Oh well, I'll appreciate the night off. :)

Berry said...

so pretty!!!

Bel said...

I think your blog is AMAZING! I love your outfits, your tattoos, the background for your outfit posts, everything! You remind me of Enid in Ghost world a little bit, which is so so damn cool :D Following you on GFC and Bloglovin, can't wait to read more! :D xx