Monday, June 3, 2013

Wanda Wannabe

 photo IMG_2793_zpsb059ab25.jpg

Top & Skirt// H&M
Vest// F21
Shoes// Restricted 
Glasses// c/o Coastal
Patch// Witchboy
     photo IMG_2827_zps5e18cbc6.jpg photo IMG_2831_zps572363d5.jpg
(I think what makes this picture extra bad-ass is that you can see my eyelashes..haha!)
 photo IMG_2838_zps609ae24c.jpg

I feel 15 again sewing patches onto vests! I was really into the whole "street punk" thing then. I even listened to The Casualties...and bands like them. Embarrassing! But now that I'm all grown up I can appreciate things like decorating my favorite denim vest, just this time much more suitable to my style now. Thats the best thing about being able to customize your clothing. It evolves along with you, but you can still pin crap to things as much as your heart desires, even a decade after you discover such an activity. And let's talk about this patch. If you've seen Cry Baby or are a John Waters fan chances are you are squealing right now. It's kind of perfect.

It's pretty much business as usual over here, nothing too new to report. I think Mike and I are going to do some more house hunting this weekend..eeek!



Sarah said...

you're the cutest! love your hair and glasses and am very happy to have stumbled across your blog (via tumblr) <3

Sian said...

Love that patch so much! Its perfect. I also think that vest is rocking too, the colour is gorgeous, reminds me that I need to customise my old black faithful.

Those shoes are adorable too! :)

Sarah Shackleford said...

I met Traci last year at Motor City Comic Con. I got my picture taken with her and I said 'when I was growing up I idolized you' and she said 'cry baby?' and I said 'how did you know?' and she said 'it's the eyeliner'. Then she asked if I'd ever be caught dead in a poodle skirt.

Seriously, best celebrity experience of my life.

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Holy crap, that is the best story I've heard in a while! You are mighty lucky :)

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Thanks! <33 Vests are best..teehee

Modern Girl Blitz said...

Yay! Thank you! Tumblr is magic.

Aida said...

Ahh I can't believe I've never come across this blog before! I love your hair and your specs. You have great personal style and take amazing photos too