Monday, August 5, 2013

Overall Awesome

 photo IMG_4271_zps1f0a6f7d.jpg

Overalls// Thrifted
Shirt// H&M (cut it myself to make it a crop)
Shoes// Zigi Soho
Glasses// Coastal
Necklace// Marc Jacobs

 photo IMG_4288_zpse3fdbeff.jpg  photo IMG_4304_zpse965b22f.jpg  photo IMG_4331_zpsf152a681.jpg

Shorty overalls are one of those things that you search the thrift store for, specifically, every time you go. At least for me they were, and a few months a go I finally found them, in a perfect fit. Meant to be! It feels funny when you finally buy something you've wanted for so long, because you gotta come up with a new thing to hunt for! But I love the hunt, the main reason I love thrift shopping. I love digging for me hidden treasure, and when I find it i wanna squeal.
I used to wear my hair a lot like this in the 8th grade. Except in the 8th grade version,  took the stray ends, and instead of wrapping them around the bun like I did here, I tok green hait glue and spiked them. It was ridiculous. I thought I would give it another shot, sans green hair glue, now that my hair is long enough! I think it kinda completes this whole 90's thing I'm going for here. And my necklace is actually solid perfume for Marc Jacob's Daisy! It's really neat, I love it.


PS Don't mind my crazed sock puppet in the second picture. He's just got a case of the Mondays.


Alice S. said...

This outfits is so lovely!!

Kitsch Vixen said...

Love this! I'm excited that overalls are coming back.

Rosariummm said...

Ahh! I really need some overalls:) you look so cute in them!!

Crissy said...

Ahhh that's awesome :D I just saw some overalls at my thrift store! I love your crop top

Kailey said...

I LOVE those overalls on you! I have a ring of the marc jacobs solid perfume - it's one of my very favorites! <3