Thursday, August 8, 2013

Red and Turquoise

 photo IMG_4491_zpsd7e48f87.jpg

Sweater// Dream of the Crop Cardigan via Modcloth
Tunic// H&M
Button// My Etsy Shop
Shoes// Report 
Glasses// Vintage

 photo IMG_4506_zps7733b0e6.jpg  photo IMG_4512_zpscad6471e.jpg

Sometimes I just can't think of a creative name for my outfit posts..haha! Other times I feel like the titles are the bomb dot com and I should work for modcloth naming all their pieces...a girl can dream!
I try to not talk about the weather TOO MUCH on here cause it can get kinda boring but this past week has been very Autumn-like, and I'm loving wearing tights and cardigans. I love to work at my desk with an open window with a brisk breeze coming in. I wore this two days ago when it was like 72 degrees. It was nice. Today it's humid. Blah.
Anyways, tonight I'm going into the city to meet up with Rhiannon for a craft party thing for The Nest. I am so ready to get my craft on! I'll be bringing my camera, too so I can report back to you with my creations. And this weekend I'm showing my art at a friend's gallery/apartment show in Brooklyn. Many plans ahead!

Busy Midge


Pony Chops said...

I love these colours together, and those shoeeees! So pretty

Sarah Shackleford said...

I love those tights! I love Blue and Red! Those are my 'dibbed' wedding colors. For my imaginary wedding.