Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wall Things

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I have a thing with decorating walls. Bare walls make me anxious. If I'm sitting in a room with bare walls I always imagine how I could decorate the crap out of them. Decorating my walls has been something that I have been into since I can remember. If you go back far enough in my blog, you can tell in my teenage days that I got a bit carried away with it, and once my mid twenties approached I decided to start new and re-do everything (thank god) (it was a mess).

Anyways, I thought I would share my favorite wall in my room, that definitely does't get enough air-time on here. Most things I've made/thrifted. Others I got on Etsy, which I will link to at the bottom of this post. The Alphabet is one of the favorite things I've ever made, even though I did it about 6 years ago in college (oh god). I made it for my Typography class, where we had to create our own alphabet. The who concept of it was that you could cut along the little dotted lines of the letters and they wuld be whatever random background they are set over. They're various things I've taken pictures of, or collected from clippings. I loved this class and whenever I look at it it reminds be of the kooky professor, who once came to class with a giant white teddy bear, sat it next to him and ignored anyone who asked him about it. One time he was sporting these four finger rings on each hand that spelled out "soul sister". Art school.

The map I got in Seattle at an antique store. I love the look of maps! I think they're just so beautiful. This map used to be on the wall by my bed and when I couldn't sleep I would just stare at it. So now my US geography knowledge is like, really on point.

The angry tampon (yes you read that correctly) I embroidered after I had my room re done. When I was in high school, I would invite my friends to draw whatever they wanted on my wall. It was kind of how everyone passed time at Midge's house. Draw on the walls! One of my friends from college drew 10 angry tampons all over the room, with a saying by one of them saying "can you find the 10 angry tampons?" It's one of the main things I miss from time to time about my old room. More so than the angsty Choking Victim lyrics scrawled in spray paint. Ha. Punk.

The little owl plate I painted myself, at my old little pottery shop job. That was a good perk of that job, I got to paint ALOT. I was never one to draw animals very often so this was a big step for me, haha. Oh and see the Enid (Ghost World) drawing on the top right? Thats the original of the print in my store! It says "everyones too stupid". That line is like the theme of that movie, in my opinion.

Here's some links on where you can find the things that aren't thrifted/handmade:

ZMK Press
Say Hello Studios (on vacay)



Kitsch Vixen said...

Oh man, that angry tampon piece is too awesome and Wishcandy! And that owl! I love your wall.

Sarah S. said...

I love the how are you print! Too perfect.