Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Yellow Dress

 photo IMG_1761_zpsd3bc1308.jpg  photo IMG_1776_zps017f1673.jpg  photo IMG_1781_zps34be399d.jpg

Dress// Anthropologie (old)
Top// From the Tiger Army merch table like 5 years ago 
Shoes// Penny's
Glasses// c/o Coastal
Bat Necklace// Craft fair

 photo IMG_1779_zpsd849eab2.jpg

What's better than tea and candy corn? Very few things. What's better than tea and candy corn when you're sick? Nothing. I'm calling what I have right now the Bridesmaid Plague because after the wedding all of us seem to have come down with something. Sucks too, cause I just got over a cold two weeks ago. Whateverrr!

I'm happy to be using my fall mug again. I love this guy. I painted it at my old pottery job, as I did with most of my favorite mugs. I'm hoping to visit back there soon, I'm due for a catching up chat with my old boss and I  want to make myself some new pieces. My mom actually works there now as a part time thing to keep from getting bored (oh, retirement life) which is kind of funny because now she comes home talking about all the things I would come home from work and talk (er..complain) about.

I guess I should talk about my outfit? I love this little yellow dress. I actually wear it a lot because its really comfortable and easy to pair with my favorite t-shirt. And these cute shoes are kind of my new go-to flat. So much better than plain black ones, even if I'm just making a trip to the mailbox to mail my orders. I'm in the market for a cute over-all/ pinafore dress thing soon for fall and winter. If ya know of any places that sell that kind thing for a good price, let me know! Midgey want. I also need long sleeve tops because I have none. I don't know how I have been going through life thus far with no long sleeve t shirts. H&M is calling me...soon.



Hope said...

I love that dress, the turn downs at the front add a bit of a retro vibe. Those shoes are super cute and look comfy! ASOS seems to have a few pinafores right now for a reasonable price, you should check that out. Plus, free shipping!

Midge Blitz said...

Ohh thanks! Free shipping is my BFF.

Crissy said...

Aww that sucks to get sick so soon again!! hopefully it'll pass quickly.

that mug and dress are awesome :3