Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Montauk Photos: Part 2

I love black and white film. And I think black and white photos of beach type scenes are really awesome and pretty. I was new to using this old camera that was my moms go-to before the dawn of digital point and shoots, and I didn't realize that I shot all of the photos in the panorama mode. Happy accident!
 photo lighthouse_zps3ed78a5a.jpg  photo sailboat_zps297d4f1e.jpg  photo mebeach_zpsd93b05c8.jpg  photo rocks_zpsf01d502e.jpg  photo water_zps3d34582f.jpg  photo closerocks_zpsc244a9d4.jpg

Montauk in the summer is the only time you'll catch me photographing things like surfboards. This is right outside a kinda lame bar in town that had lots of douchy security guards flashing flash lights in peoples eyes and stuff. Not cool, man. But I got a cool photo.
 photo surf_zps3a5c438d.jpg

This place is my favorite place to stay in Montauk, it's defiantly the nicest, at least in terms of the motel-y type of places. It has two pools, one main one and another smaller one, which we snuck into at 1AM. We were quiet and respectful though, so we're considerate hooligans!
 photo hotel_zps77e6bab6.jpg

These sparkler photos may be my favorite..probably because sparklers are my favorite. This was taken on the beach at night during one of our insane bonfires. It's not summer without these things.
 photo sparkler1_zpse2b2e555.jpg  photo sparkler2_zps847ea3e5.jpg  photo sparkler3_zpsd022315e.jpg  photo sparkler4_zpsa8a5854b.jpg

Ok, I'm officially able to say hello to fall now, haha!



Jana said...

Great shots! Black and white was a good choice, I think. And I love that you accidentally shot them in the panoramic mode!

Leila C said...

seriously gorgeous photos! I should shoot in black and white more often, it adds such a classic look to photos.

Midge Blitz said...

thank you! yes, I'm like a black and white enthusiast now.

Midge Blitz said...

Yup..I'm always making silly mistakes but this was actually a good one, haha

Crissy said...

wooow I love these in black and white!