Monday, September 30, 2013

Skirt is Greener

Top// Loft
Skirt// Modcloth
Rings// Modcloth
Shoes// Jellypop
Glasses// Ray Ban

(I kinda like how my hand came out out of focus in this one, don't know why)

Oh hai! This is my new favorite skirt. I featured it on this fancying post and a few days ago saw it on sale, and snagged it without even thinking about it. And I loooove it. It's so me. So are the typography rings. Or typography anything, for that matter. I've been wearing these rings every day since I got them. I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, that's what my degree is in at least, so anything type related is my thang. 

This weekend was pretty cool. Friday I visited my old job to paint some pottery. I painted a hand ring holder with the palm reading chart on it, and I started on an owl shaped candle lantern. I painting it in a Twin Peaks/Black Lodge theme! I'll have to come back next week to pick up my hand and finish my owl. Saturday I went garage sale hopping. I'm not sure if it's just my town, but there are so many garage sales here every weekend when the weather is nice. I went to 6 just in my town in about an hour. I feel like my town is full of hoarders or something and everyone has an abundance of crap to part with. I got this adorable tiny harmonica that says Woodstock on it for two dollars from a lady selling all kinds if vintage jewelry and buttons. Garage sales are my favorite thing to do in the nice weather. I find lots of cool stuff. I made a necklace out of the harmonica and it's kind of awesome. It's the little things that brighten up my day. Like a tiny harmonica around my neck. 

Looking forward to another productive week... I think I'm going to design some more halloween related things to make buttons and temporary tattoos out of for the shop! 



hannah @ The Braided Bandit said...

That skirt is AH-mazin! The color, the cut, everything, swoon! I really love it with the red top too, thats one of my favorite color combos out there. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
xo Hannah

elycia watson said...

This outfit is amazing and you're the cutest ever! I really love those rings. And in response to your comment about my grape photo...yes! I totally want to lose my mind on my camera sometimes!