Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Brimfield Antique Fair: Part 2

Here's some more stuff that I didn't buy, but in retrospect wish I did. So it goes!
     photo IMG_0677_zpse2d5acbc.jpg
Not-so-known fact about me: I'm obsessed with sock monkeys. I even used to make them. I churned those things out like a factory, gave most of them away as gifts. I was pretty damn good at it, too! I could churn out a pretty good sock monkey in like an hour and a half flat. That was about 6 years ago. I need to get back into making them, for serious.

 photo IMG_0676_zps578ffe01.jpg
I kept on meaning to go back and buy one of these guys after snapping this photo, but never got the chance.

 photo IMG_0675_zps74daf360.jpg  photo IMG_0674_zps881afeb6.jpg  photo IMG_0673_zps88ab2acd.jpg
Ain't no Easter like a creepy as hell Easter.

 photo IMG_0672_zpsc98b20b7.jpg  photo IMG_0671_zps2f4d25cb.jpg
This post wouldn't be complete without a creepy doll.

I've got one more posts worth of photos left to share, I'll post those next week!



Laura said...

If you get back into sock-monkey-making I would definitely be interesting in purchasing one! I have been meaning to invest in a soft toy for myself for awhile. Something to sit on my bed and look pretty and punky. xo xo L

Midge Blitz said...

Maybe I'll open up another etsy in the future, dedicated to sock monkeys! Gotta fix my dang sewing machine first ..waaah!