Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Outfits Faves // A Little Retrospective









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These are in no particular order, chronologically or favorite-wise. I can safely say that 2013 for me was pretty damn good and I have come out of it totally un scathed. Even though we haven't gotten our dream condo yet, we made a dent in hunting for it, having and getting used to the ups and downs of the brutal world that is Hoboken real estate, and figured out our actual budget and what we want in a home. My etsy shop has had it's best year, and the future for my little business looks very bright. I've gotten better at DSLR photography, and have lots of new gear c/o my parents from XMas that I'm excited to put to good use and make this blog reach it's full potential. Having a style blog and a successful etsy shop have been on my to-do list for years before I got both off the ground, so now that I'm doing pretty good at both I feel so accomplished and 2013 was the year that both really started to take their respective shapes. Also I got into Twin Peaks in early 2013, a show that I have been obsessed with since and has provided me with an escape on some rough days. Oh yeah, and I saw Paris in 2013. That is like, good enough for me. I still have to share all my adventures with you! I guess that will be in early 2014 at this point, haha.

And of course I love seeing how much my style has evolved over a year, so a 2013 retrospective of my favorite outfits was fun for me to to. I really got into experimenting with styles and colors I normally shy away from. Here's to another stylin' year! Clink!




Sammi Cohen said...

SO cute, Midge. I love these wrap-ups! Sounds like you had a pretty stellar year :) I hope 2014 is just as good (and even better) for you!

xox Sammi

Danielle Morgan said...

I really like your style! All of your looks are just a little different from each other, and it really shows that you like to experiment with it. Though I must say, my favorite dress is #1. :) Glad to hear that you had a good year!

Kelsey said...

I love the retrospective posts at the end of the year! Your blog is seriously my favorite for outfit inspiration. Can't wait to read more about your Paris trip!

<3 Kelsey
Chaos Parade

Solveig said...

Here. All the awards for best dressed, most awesome, most inspirational, most everything that is cool in this world... You can have them.

Neon Michelle said...

Everything is so cute! I still love that aqua skirt with the white trim. :)

Midge Blitz said...

Aw thanks Sammi, and the same to you :)

Midge Blitz said...

hahaha thank you!

Midge Blitz said...

Me too, it is pretty steller