Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Decor 2013

Oooooof you guys I am sick as a dog!! I'm still in my jammies, and I slept nice and late today. I will probably repeat tomorrow. I have a lot of people to see and hang out with this weekend so I gotta get better, and quick! I hate missing out on festivities, especially at this time of year.

Being as I'm just sitting here chilling in my room and watching TV, I decided I would snap some photos of my Christmas decorations in here and show you :)

These are my snowglobes I made from baby food jars a few years back. I think it's time to make new ones, these are getting a bit...murky.

 I like using my picture/print/zine wall to hang things..such an easy way to decorate. 



Michelle | said...

It always puts a smile on my face when I see my work hung up in your adorable room :) <3

Sonya Mann said...

aw yeah, santa pez!

Midge Blitz said...

Your art is my favey fave :D