Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kitschy Queen

 Dress// Yumi (got it in Paris but it's also on Modcloth...on sale!)
Tights// HUE
Shoes// JC Pennys
Glasses// Kiss

 Yay, my first outfit post in forever! Well, at least for me. I haven't taken outfit pictures in a couple of weeks since before I left for Paris. I got this adorable kitschy sweater dress there, at Layfayette Galleries which is a beautiful department store (wait until I get the chance to show you the pictures), where, to me, is in the Herald Square equivalent of Paris. Lots of decorated holiday windows like Macy's. Except that it's next to a huge and ornate 300 year old Opera House. Europe is like, really awesome. I miss it so much! I had a dream I went back by myself just to re-vivsit the Lourve. Sole purpose. My only regret is that we only went to the Lourve once during the duration of the's impossible to see the tiniest fraction of it in just one day. Hopefully there will be a next time! Though I definitely did PLENTY of shopping. The bottle I'm holding is one of my favorite fragrances I bought while there. Maybe I'll do a Paris haul post, haha!

It feels good to back in the swing of my beloved bloggie blog. I also feels good to be not in pjs while I work, getting dressed really does make me more productive. I was up til 2AM last night trying my best to get as much done as possible, and I'm glad I did. I made quite the dent in my open orders page. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel today. The I can get to really settling in since I got home from my trip, which I hadn't really gotten the chance to do. I can clean my room, get all my souvenirs together so they can find their respective spots in my space, and put up the rest of my Christmas decorations, though I did manage to put up my little pink tree and display my Christmas mousie!



Sonya Mann said...

Ahhhh, Christmas mousie! So cute. I like the daisies on the dress plus the pumpkin tights :)

Danielle Morgan said...

The sweater dress is super cute!

lisa said...

What a fun dress- you look darling!