Monday, April 29, 2013

Riot Grrrl and Pearls

 photo IMG_0895_zps33ab120c.jpg  photo IMG_0887_zps4947a904.jpg

Dress// Vince Camuto 
Pearl & Glasses// Vintage
Brooch// Cakeeater
Shoes// Easy Spirit (from mom's closet, haha)
Bag// Amazon

 photo IMG_0905_zpseb0db607.jpg  photo IMG_0928_zpsa45e4cbe.jpg

I think it's fun pairing things like pearls with a riot grrrl brooch. Sprucing things up a bit, haha. I wore this yesterday for my brother's birthday. I love ay excuse to get dressed up, duh. I had the nice and relaxing weekend I was looking forward to, but know I'm up to my neck in work..whoops!

I got this dress on sale from Lord and Taylor. I think it must be some kind of well kept secret..but L&T has the BEST sales! I don't know anyone else that shops there. Maybe the one by me is especially awesome or something. Anyway, dinner with the fam was fun. And I got to see my my London, my nephew (my brother's dog). Every time i see that dog I just think of how much I can't wait to get my own little silly dog, when Mike and I get our place. (rescue, of course)

Ok, I have like ten million thousand things on my check list today, time to get down to business.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Fancying Friday

 photo tumblr_mlk0j4jZhN1qi84r1o1_1280_zps2aba6975.jpg

1// I want this and I want it now. I'm hoping it will be available soon, my search on the internet turned up nothing.  photo 41td9-p7vfL_SX450__zps426cf4be.jpg
2// This bag. I just recently got mine, and it's sooo cute. I saw a friend wearing it, and she said she got it off of amazon for super cheap, and lo and behold!

 photo Screenshot2013-04-26at43658PM_zps4af732cc.png
3// I also just bought these. Shop a holic, much? Well, I was buying my brother's birthday present, and I have a very "one for me, one for you" philosophy while shopping for people. Oh and they're on sale for 10 dollars. And did I mention they're made by Betseyville? (snag em here)  photo rnd2_zps4ad76d48.jpg
4// This rad nail polish by Plump. They're all sold out now (I can imagine why!) but hopefully they will re-stock soon! Midgey need.

Happy Weekend!


A Little Call for Sponsors

 photo newspondorgraphic_zpsf553953c.jpg

Hello! I'm gonna keep this short n' sweet.

I'm starting to really get the hang of this whole blogging business, so thought I would post a little call for sponsors..why not! Sponsoring my little bloggy blog will give me just the boost I need to improve the content of my posts, while your blog or shop will get some new traffic. Win win!

Also, starting in May, I will be doing a sponsor feature post every month! All you lovely folks who snag an ad, or swap, will get to submit a little blurb about yourself and a picture to be included in a feature post with all the others, and I will make it look all cute in it's own little graphic. (I'll be emailing you about this, so no need to submit anything yet)
Don't' fret, lovelies who have ad spots now, you will be included in this first sponsor feature post too, even if your ad has expired by the time the feature is posted. I feel it's only fair!

Anyway, you can head over to the Sponsor tab (or click here) to get all the details and my stats! I use Passionfruit for my ads, which is like, the easiest thing ever. Yay!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Glasses Galore

 photo IMG_0843_zps852a55b4.jpg  photo IMG_0849_zps463405a0.jpg

Dress// F21 (old)
Shirt// Scrapbook
Belt// Thrifted
Shoes// Miz Moo
Glasses// Vintage

 photo IMG_0851_zpseca3250e.jpg

Yay for glasses! I love unique prints, florals only do it for me for so long. I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend to myself! I'm gonna watch stupid TV and maybe craft a little, but I just kinda feel like vegetating, I've been working non-stop. Silly trashy TV is kind of my weakness. It's my thing, and my escape from real world probs.

I am getting SO much done lately, because I"m preparing for a huge Etsy store spring cleaning/item make over. I'm making loads and loads of brand new items and getting a bunch of old ones made up and ready to go, so I can put them in the sale section and get rid of them. Out with the old in with the new! It's just hard doing it all myself, so it's taking me forever to churn out all these new things! I'm hoping by next week I'll be all done fabricating, and I can start photographing. Then I'll probably list them the week after, so I can spread it all across 5 days, and make an event out of it, haha! Today I discovered the amazing-ness that is polymer clay. And I got a pack of Martha Stewart craft paints today for 40% off. BOOYAH! (I never say booyah, I don't know why I just did)


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brand New Shoes

 photo IMG_0804_zpsd11b07ab.jpg
Dress// F21 ( 5 years old)
Belt// Thrifted
Shoes// Crown Vintage
Bracelet//Kate Spade

 photo IMG_0819_zps125eb136.jpg  photo IMG_0824_zps16b65548.jpg  photo IMG_0818_zps9f567b73.jpg

Woo Wednesday! How the hell did that happen? I feel like it's still Monday morning. these shoes I got on my DSW rampage I mentioned last week. I wanted cute low wedge sandals.. and these were basically calling my name.
I feel like, almost odd posting pictures back in my room, as opposed to some pretty beach, like in my last post..I'm just so happy with how they came out that I think I can't top it, ya know? I should get back into taking pictures in my yard, now that I'm much more savvy with the camera than when I first started. I was talking about this with a friend earlier..wouldn't it be awesome if there was like a designated park that was a a safe space for style bloggers to conjugate and take tripod selfies without feeling self conscious or with passer bys staring? It would be equipped with pretty walls and trees and plants and stuff. I would be like a utopia. Taking selfies in public scares me! All my public outdoor photos are taken by my handy dandy boyfriend. But I wish I could muster up the guts to venture out on my own! One day, I'll suck it up. Just a random thought!
I've had this dress forever, and it looks like a moo moo with out a belt. It always makes me laugh at myself. I laugh at myself ALOT.
Hope you are having a great week!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Rock Beach

 photo IMG_0758_zps097e9f8e.jpg  photo IMG_0756_zps1d921b86.jpg

Shoes// Vans
Brooch// c/o Sugarcookie
Necklace// Vintage via Grandma
Glasses// Kiss
Bag// Jo Totes (prettiest camera bag EVER!)

 photo IMG_0727_zps3842a7cb.jpg  photo IMG_0717_zps61c80f48.jpg  photo IMG_0759_zps50bd32a6.jpg

Hello! How was your weekend? Hope it was a good one and you enjoyed some nice weather, cause I sure did. Mike and I (my new personal photographer, haha)went back to Sands Point (the place with the Castle) and explored some more. This time we got a map and were able to find the beach. Not actually called rock beach, FYI, I just call it that for obvious reasons. I wore my seashell dress accordingly! I looooove this dress, and I feel like because of the print wearing it when it's not summer feels strange..but being as I was on the beach I think it's appropriate. But the fit is great and the material is nice and soft, not polyester-y.
The Northshore beaches of Long Island are very rock-y, and have lots of interesting things growing out of the ground and on the rocks...  photo IMG_0755_zps863d2581.jpg
Those are mussels..I can't believe us humans eat those! I wonder who was the first person who saw these and said.."I bet these are delicious. "  photo IMG_0737_zps3ea81b47.jpg
This thing really creeped me out..but intrigued me at the same time. It looks like something out of Jumanji to me. When I was taking pictures of it, Mike poked me back with a stick and I FREAKED OUT. Ugh.

Anyway, here's a to a good work week!


Friday, April 19, 2013

The Tegan and Sara Shirt

 photo IMG_0620_zps096b5a21.jpg  photo IMG_0631_zpsc2dfb032.jpg

Shirt// Devotion 4
Dress & Socks// F21
Shoes// Steve Madden
Bracelet// Betsey Johnson
Glasses// Kiss

 photo IMG_0670_zps8705d8d3.jpg  photo IMG_0644_zpsf0b0af55.jpg

I had to shoot this outfit THREE times. First time I went to upload through my card reader, and nothing happened, so I though that my card reader was busted, then thought it was the memory card itself So then I used my smaller memory card and tried to upload the second set though the card reader again, and they all got erased. So then I was back to thinking the problem was the card reader, so I took the third set with the spare memory card and just uploaded straight from my camera. I feel my card reader is sucking the souls out of my memory cards. My 16GB seems to have gotten corrupted. Now I'm using one that has like a quarter of the space. Dang it. I'm no expert at things like this so I pretty much spent a good portion of my day being kinda confiused. And posing. I posed a lot today. haha. Third times a charm, I guess?

Anyway, I've had this shirt forever. I saw Tegan Quinn wearing it the video for BAck in Your Head by Tegan and Sara, and I wanted it! I scoured the interwebs and snagged one. This shirt has been through a lot with me! I obviously call it my Tegan and Sara shirt. I'm getting really into the shirt layered under/over dresses lately. As I said before, it's a good way to make to new outfits and utilize all the pieces in my wardrobe. Oh, and I love Marc Jacobs Daisy. It makes me feel pretty.

Happy Friday!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Florals for Spring...Groundbreaking

 photo IMG_0360_zpsd9adeb19.jpg  photo IMG_0349_zps81cc5c6e.jpg

Dress &Shirt// H&M
Shoes// Blowfish
Bracelet// Kate Spade

 photo IMG_0371_zps79b0aa52.jpg

It's finally full on Spring weather! I can keep my window open while I work, and my desk is right by a window. I love the fresh air, it makes me so happy. I wear this dress quite a lot, it's kind of a staple. So I decided I would try my hand at layering a collared shirt underneath to add something different to it. I'm kinda new to the whole layering thing, so I want to get more into it so I can really utilize everything in my closet, and create new looks with not so new clothing! I should get this out of my system before it gets too hot out though...

I kept on meaning to get a good close-up of my favorite bracelet, and here it is..haha! I wear it almost everyday, I just love it so much. The stud is what keeps it closed, so cute. Definitely got my moneys worth.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Zine Wall

 photo zinewall_zpsc4d2b927.jpg

So my zine/art wall is in the background of a lot of my pictures, so I thought I would share with all of you the lovely people who are responsible for my bedroom's best decoration!

1// Clap Zine Winter 2011
2// Just Do it Zine by The Radical Uprise
3// Club Imberbe by Una Buena Barba 
4// Vintage photo of some sailors cause I like sailors. They're all probably dead by now/crotchety old men.
5// Nasty with a Heart of Cold by Jenny Herbert
6// My Word By Missy Kulik
7// No One Can Fill Your Shoes Print by Jordan Grace Owens
8// Motor City Kitty #19 (traded..can't find a link to find it online)
9// Leave Town Zine (no website)
10// This is What a Feminist Likes by Audrey
11// Reclaim Your Girlhood by Laurence and Luna
12// Girls Get Busy Zine #4
13// Girls Girls Girls car/print by Tuesday Bassen
14// Live Through This Feminist Riot Grrrl Retrospective
15// Swan in a Ditch 
16// Simple Pleasures By Jen Williams
17// Typical Grrrls Zine by Tukru
18// Survey of Unconventional Women A-Z by Womanhouse
19// Postcard by Daisy de Villenuve
20// Doris #26
21// Bonbon by Missy Kulik 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Birdies

 photo IMG_0397_zpsa4759b68.jpg  photo IMG_0390_zps7a2070bf.jpg

Dress// Be Bop
Sweater// Abound
Frames// Vintage
Shoes// Report
Brooch// My Etsy Shop
Button// Buttonator 

 photo IMG_0430_zps007233ab.jpg  photo IMG_0412_zps6246b1eb.jpg  photo IMG_0444_zps5f144d04.jpg

I bought this dress and sweater on the same day at Nordstrom Rack, my new happy place, with the intention of pairing them together. I was even wearing the shirt in this post when I bought them and I almost felt silly..I told the cashier "OBVIOUSLY I have a thing for these two colors together" haha

I bought these shoes on Sunday in what can be called nothing short of a shoe buying rampage. I went to DSW with my mom, and that kinda thing always tends to happen when we go there. That place is just so much fun. I'm always the lady carrying around one of those the tote bags they provide filled with shoe boxes so much that I'm waddling down the aisles with this huge freakin sack, bumping into things. I saw these shoes, tried them on and put them back. I'm always hesitant buying high heels, because I feel like I'll never wear them because of comfort concerns. But they are actually extremely comfortable, so I ended up snagging them. And you can trust me on that because I am PICKYYY with any shoes that aren't flats. I'm a wuss and if my feet hurt I'm so not a happy camper. And the print.. I mean c'mon. I actually also found a pair of flats that I bought in the same print! Different brand though..weird, huh?

On a more somber note, I feel that I must acknowledge the horrific bombings that took place in Boston. I'm not terribly the best at addressing horrible tragedies like this but I do want to say that my heart goes out to all my followers and readers in that area and that have loved ones in that area. I hope you are safe and well xoxo


Monday, April 15, 2013

Skater Midge

 photo IMG_0319_zps8b8d6dae.jpg  photo IMG_0316_zpsa84fd387.jpg  photo IMG_0314_zpsaf020a45.jpg

Dress// Buffalo
Shoes// Vintage via Mom
Headband// Amazon
Necklace// Glitterlimes

 photo IMG_0332_zpsfeaf481c.jpg

This dress makes me look like a total ice skater...but I LOVE it. It was on sale at Lord and Taylor. I always find the best things on sale there, because I feel like the people that shop there don't really have my kinda style, so all the stuff I like ends up on the 50% off rack..buahaha!
I wore this outfit this past Saturday, when I went to see my very first roller derby bout!! I had so much fun, and I was in the company of some awesome buddies, it was just a really great night. I'm officially gonna save up for a a pair of top of the line skates and start practicing. Derby has always been in the back of my mind as something I really wanted to do, but Saturday just confirmed that. Rollerblading was my main outdoor hobby when I was younger, and I was pretty good, so roller skating can be that different can it? Ever since I've known derby existed I wanted to do it. And you know that I would come up with some great derby outfits with all my miniskirts and such. Even if I don't make a team right away, I love to skate anyways!
New goals, yay :D


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fancying Friday..on a Sunday

So I'm a bit late with this..I had an eventful weekend!  Better late than never...

 photo 4fbfd675e0bb268b46b537e2fcd508db_zps8fa2bb7d.jpg
1//This modcloth dress...ahhh modcloth you're killing me. Somebody freeze my credit card..haha! I have a thing for mesh lately..done in the right way I think it can be really cute.  photo il_570xN446598282_o7rp_zps7e2137b6.jpg
2//This print by Kate from Flapperdoodle. I'm gonna pick one up for myself very soon!

 photo il_570xN433777788_qfkf_zps55c65686.jpg
3// I'm a sucker for all things collar clips, and these babies from Jordan Grace Owens are no exception.

 photo 13_zpse5d1c81e.jpg

4//  Ice cream shoes by Karl Largerfeld. An unexpected spark of kitsch from the head designer of Chanel..haha

Hope you are having a nice and relaxing springy weekend!