Thursday, June 27, 2013

Red White and Teal

 photo IMG_3298_zps2b004b57.jpg  photo IMG_3300_zps821b1791.jpg  photo IMG_3306_zps413f2ec7.jpg

Dress// BCBG
Sweater// Abound
Shoes// Target/DIYed
Glassess// Vintage

 photo IMG_3315_zps4f737405.jpg

I've had this dress forever. It's strapless, and the fit on the top is weird and droopy so I default to my tied up cardigan look. I finally took my car in for it's inspection this week. It feels good to get thing you've been dreading done. I just don't like doing anything that has to do with car maintence. I can't wait to walk/take trains/ride bikes everywhere for my transportation once I'm out of Long Island. But NOONE at the body shop called me "sweetheart" "pretty eyes" or "honey". THAT IS A FEAT. They treated me like a human adult which is rare in those places. Hopefully people are finally catching on to the fact that that's not a good tactic.
Anywho, my vacation is creeping closer and closer and I can't stop thinking about it. I have so much stuff to get done before hand. I don't like having work on the back burner while I'm on vacation, because it will haunt me. My 365 Project is about to come to a close, and I have more plans with what I want to do art-wise. I doing a piece for a little gallery show my friend is hosting in NYC in August (doing/haven't even started sketching out ideas yet) and I want to get a substantial amount of work done on that before I go away. Fingers crossed! And then there's zines. I haven't made a zine is WAAYYYY too long, and I've had the itch to make more for a really long time, I'm just so busy! It's mainly the 365 project thats eating up the time that I would spend on making more zines, so once that's done, I'm getting back on that band wagon. I have so many ideas and so much to say, and I want to say them in a cute and collaged photo copied booklet that you can hold in your hand as opposed to your computer screen :)

OK, now it's time for a typical work day...going to pack some orders and watch the Wendy Williams Show (LOVE HER)


PS Speaking of women named Wendy, HOW EFFING KICK-ASS IS WENDY DAVIS!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Style Copy Cat: Kate Nash

I've been wanting to do curated lists of things inspired by some of my style icons, so here's my new Copy Cat segment! Hope you enjoy.

The retro summery style in Kate Nash's video for "O My God" is pretty much the one thing that will define my look this summer.

 photo katenash_zpsb97ca5ed.jpg

1// Flower Crown - Modcloth
2// Vintage Floral SwimSuit - Etsy
3// Floral Top - Modcloth
4// Unicorn Necklace - Fred Flare
5// Heart Shaped Sunglasses - Fred Flare
4// Kat Von D Lipstick in Hellbent(my fave) - Sephora
5// Hair Bleach Kit - Amazon
6// Sailor Swimsuit (on sale!) - Modcloth


Monday, June 24, 2013

Black and White and Blue

 photo IMG_3278_zps7ab7f405.jpg  photo IMG_3272_zpse424fc51.jpg

Top// Charlotte Russe
Dress// Target
Shoes// Blowfish
Glasses// Coastal

 photo IMG_3286_zps6597ebfe.jpg

Oh hai! Well, today is very..Monday like. It's always when I have really good weekends is when Mondays are extra tough to get up out of bed and get to work. And I have sooo much to do today. Including taking my car (that I only really use to go to the craft store) in for state inspection. Blech. I hate doing car things. I'm counting the day for when I move out and won't need it anymore and  can just sell it. I'm seriously a lot like bike guy from Portlandia. "CARS, MAN, WHY?" Yup, that's me.

It's a scorcher out there today, so layering might not be the best idea. but I love the look of pairing black and white with other things. I don't own a lot of things that are black and white, I should change that. They just go with everything!

My weekend was fan-freakin-tastic. Saturday was spent in Brooklyn with some gurlfriends. We went to Shmorgasburg (trendy food tents, I got a vegan BLT and almost died) and the Renegade craft fair. I didn't buy much except for one little thing that is my new favorite and I'll show you in a style post soon.
After that me and Rhiannon went back to Manhattan into the east village and she got a tattoo on the whim, of a cute arrow on her wrist. The artist had some good stories, and I throughly enjoyed it. I can't wait to get more tattoos, I gotta do another one on a whim soon. You gotta do things like that to stay sane, I think.

Yesterday saw this indie film "What Masiey Knew", and it was about a little girl witnessing her parents' divorce. It was really artfully done and had a good ending. If you see it anywhere you should def see it.

Well, back to the grind...where's my coffee?!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Fancying Friday

 I'm back with my Fancying Friday posts! Here are some thing I wish I had/already have at this point because I have no self control with my wallet.

1// I just got my own Holga camera and I'm really excited about it. There's something about that thrill of taking film pictures, getting them developed and waiting to see how they come out. Wish I knew the pink one was available, I ended up getting red and white. Available on Amazon.

 photo 513i8jeIpoL_SX385__zps823b1ec8.jpg

2// I'm all about cute crop tops like this for summer. So ready. From Modcloth.
 photo d78819446e5ccf71cea63b7e5a91413a_zps8b49902e.jpg

3// I'm a bracelet girl. And I'm a sucker for Kate Spade  
 photo 71uHVR1U9FL_SX535__zps3a8a27b5.jpg

4// Oh. My. God. From

 photo 944404_10151497641386309_270743456_n_zps6b64ffaa.jpg 

5// I need this, It would look good with my solid red top. From Modcloth.

 photo e6294b39e60b52718827c96653899407_zps702b3554.jpg

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photo Bloopers!

There are always those pictures that come out, well, not too great. But some of them are so awkward/bad that they're funny, and I can't just keep them to myself. And what's the point of anything in life if you can't laugh at yourself? Enjoy!

Awkward Bubble gum shots...getting the perfect shot was tough!  photo gum2_zpscc615b0b.jpg  photo gumcollage_zps1bb5af50.jpg

While taking jumping pictures, you're pretty much guaranteed to have some laughable poses that are just plain weird.  photo jumpingawkward_zpsba85caf0.jpg

Me almost falling into my already wobbly bookcase // trying and failing to get the timing right with my new camera remote.  photo collage1_zps6968bfa7.jpg

Well, that's all, for now! (grins like this)  photo IMG_0715_zpsd7592f7e.jpg


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Layer Love

 photo IMG_3221_zpsb00fae1c.jpg  photo IMG_3230_zps1b6f7828.jpg  photo IMG_3233_zps2aba8ecb.jpg

Dress// ModCloth
Glasses// Kiss
Shoes// Zigi Soho

 photo IMG_3242_zpsb053e066.jpg  photo IMG_3252_zps9efbe2e2.jpg

Oh, hello! I got this top this past weekend at the Modcloth event. I've always wanted a basic black top like this, with a retro twist to it. It was the only thing I got there, so I went thrifting the next saturday and got some great new summer pieces that I'm excited to share with you all! I fond the summer so inspiring, the basic idea that it's almost summer gives me all the excuses in the world to take it easy and not be so much of a work-a-holic. Hence the whole concept of "summer fridays". I don't even work in a real office, just a home for one but you can be damn sure that we do have summer fridays here at Modern Girl Blitz Studio. Too bad it's Wednesday.

I love the 50's nautical look to this outfit. The dress is so light and airy, and the shirt is a breathable cotton so I'm not too hot layering them. Win and win. Oh, and I pretty much exclusively wear Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue during this time of year. I love how powerful scents can be, which is why I designate certain perfumes for times of the year. This scent will always remind me of summer.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Dots and Denim

 photo IMG_3146_zpsdff8eeae.jpg  photo IMG_3150_zps22cd25d9.jpg

Dress (worn as top)// NY & Company
Skirt// Love Ady
Shoes// Miz Mooz
Glasses// Kiss

 photo IMG_3151_zps715b9060.jpg

I love the idea of layering clothes into what seems like a new article of clothing. Though it is getting too got for such a fiscally responsible way of dressing. Blast.

My eventful weekend was just that! Met some rad fellow bloggers at the Modcloth event on Friday (Hi Erin!) The met of up with Rhiannon and waited out side a mexican restaurant for a table for about 45 minutes. But it gave us a chance to catch up so yay. My sale was a big success this weekend, so I've been very busy today packing orders, and tomorrow will be the same, I think. I'm so not complaining, packing orders for me is like wrapping presents, which is fun for me.

Yeah, so I'm kinda beat. It's pizza time.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Little Anniversary/Etsy Sale

This Sunday marks the two year anniversary of my first sale in my Etsy Shop! This little anniversary means SO much to me, selling my art full time has always been something I've wanted to do as my job. And now that dream is a reality thank to all the lovelies that have supported me and my work. I've tried my hand at being an Etsy seller, multiple times, and failed, multiple times. You'll even see on my shop's home page that my store has been there since 2008! But I kept on trying out new things, and once I started making zines is when I started to finally get recognized. Now, I didn't make zines with the intention of making a profit, I made them because I wanted my work to get out there in the hands of people would appreciate it and know my name, the attitude one should have when thinking about making a zine. But then, when I graduated design school and had trouble with real world jobs, I kicked it into high gear and started making other things. Now my job is making art and accessories for the raddest people on earth, and I couldn't be more grateful.

So thanks to all of you who have supported me over the past two years. Of course, I am having a sale to celebrate! The coupon code TWOYEARS will get you 20% off your entire order, sale lasts from now throughout the weekend.

Here are some one my favorite new items that I'm mighty proud of!

 photo il_570xN466847756_hl0c_zps6384a372.jpg

 photo il_570xN466831535_rfw9_zpsd901e793.jpg

 photo il_570xN464836420_abue_zpsa4b1c814.jpg
 photo il_570xN466823393_9q0z_zpse462da57.jpg
 photo il_570xN464834052_9hpn_zps519b7a54.jpg


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Peplum with Flowers

 photo IMG_3099_zps59bbadfd.jpg
Skirt// Betsey Johnson (old)
Shoes// Steve Madden (Similar)
Glasses// Vintage

 photo IMG_3121_zps807f8a1e.jpg  photo IMG_3171_zpsb8510f0e.jpg

I love the floral pattern of this top. It's not all over but it's still a large print, but with some breathing room between flowers. I also love the idea of pairing it with a skirt that looks like something lady Beetlejuice would wear :D
My nails are actually inspire by the flamingo picture in this post on everyones favorite blog, A Beautiful Mess. I love the idea of pairing bright summery colors with gold. I never use gold nail polish when its not the holidays, but its a nice new twist.

I have a busy next couple of days ahead of me, tomorrow is my Dad's birthday, and I'll also be starting a weekend long sale in my etsy shop, because Sunday marks the 2 year anniversary of my first sale. Then Friday I'm headed to the city to go to the Modcloth Event, Elegance for All, where there will be shopping, and champagne, and hopefully a few familiar faces on the blog-o-sphere! I'm so excited, but my wallet is terrified. I'll try to talk it down while I spend all the money. (If ya see me, SAY HI! I'm really nice, promise.) Then I have a good friend's 25th birthday party Saturday, then Sunday is Father's day. Phew! Eventful!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Too Much Fun

 photo IMG_2912_zpsb213a2ed.jpg  photo IMG_2935_zpse78fd032.jpg  photo IMG_2905_zps5211373f.jpg

Necklace// ModCloth
Glasses// Coastal
Shoes// Liz Claibourne 

 photo IMG_2950_zpsba8e6a9e.jpg  photo IMG_2941_zps576db6bf.jpg

I think I've worn this dress on this blog before, but I think that was before I had my room done and got a better camera. So in my mind, it never happened, haha! I actually wear this dress allll the time. It's on of those dresses that puts you in a better mood once you slip it on because its makes me feel all pretty and stuff. And modcloth has it in so many different patterns, too. I need to control myself from snapping and buying all of them...
Hope you had a fun weekend! I spent mine in New Jersey at Mike's folk's place. No special occasion, just hanging out. He has two cornish rexes (siamese like cats) and a rescue greyhound. If there are pets in the house I am happy and forever amused. Their animals so so mild mannered and nice, especially the dog. I never had pets growing up because my dad is allergic, so whenever I go over to someone's house that has pets I get unreasonably excited.
Anyways, we spent yesterday in west village on our way back to Long Island, met up with his old college buddy and drank beer that taste like blueberries. All in all, a great weekend!

Hope something awesome happens to you today to brighten up this dreary Monday.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Gotta Run

 photo IMG_3052_zps74ec0171.jpg  photo IMG_3057_zps1e0d604d.jpg

Top// H&M
Cardigan & Shoes// Abound (Nordstrom Rack)
Skirt// Thrifted
Glasses// Coastal
Brooch// Daisy's Creations 

Aw jeez! I swear the minute I slipped these tights on that got that huge run. right after getting them in the mail from ebay. This always happens to me, and I know I am not the only one. It stinks cause they're so cute and I really wanted large polka dots tights for a while. 
Lovely readers: do any of you know of any fairly inexpensive tights that won't fall apart the minute they make contact with my legs? Tell me your hosiery secrets! 
I do have one tip that my Aunt Glo told me on Facebook, and it sounds like some sort of joke but she swears by it: put them in the freezer for 24 hours before putting them on. I haven't tried this, but she said it works! Either that or she's playing some sort of prank on me, to get me to put ice cold tights on, or it's some sort of freezer witchery. 
So, aside from my hosiery casualties, I really, really love this outfit. I wear this skirt too much, But it's just too perfect. I guess I'm on the hunt for some more polka dot tights!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Never Wear White

 photo IMG_2847_zpsbd69794b.jpg

Top// H&M (swiped from Mom's closet)
Shorts// Target (old)
Shoes// Crown Vintage
Glasses// Coastal

 photo IMG_2869_zpsa9273266.jpg  photo IMG_2894_zps7622ca3d.jpg  photo IMG_2885_zpsd90ba6c7.jpg

I was in the mood to wear something light and airy today, possibly something white. Then I realized...I DON'T OWN ANY WHITE CLOTHING. Like, zilch. Literally. Nothing. Actually, I have one top thats mostly white, but with a red collar, but I digress. I don't hate white though, I just never really bought anything in the color. Considering how much of an extensive wardrobe I have, this is kinda a feat. So what do I do? Of course I go into my moms closet to find something to wear. She does the same to me, so it's a good mutual understanding we both steal eachother's cute clothes. (I saw the same thing happening on the Kardashians once and I was like OH NO.) (Yeah, I watch crap TV from time to time aka every day)

Anyway, I saw this top and it was kind of exactly what I was looking for. I love button downs, and I loooove the interesting shape of the sleeves. And I kinda all about the summery combo of the white tied up top with the chambray-type shorts, which is another piece I haven't worn in years because it was forgotten at the bottom of the drawer. I gotta remember this as a good going-out outfit for Montauk. That's one the best things about having a style blog...I have this catalogue of awesome outfits for me to refer when I'm stuck on what to wear on certain days. May I say it is quite convenient!