Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fake Vintage

Dress// Thrifted (but from Target, though it looks vintage)
Glasses// Kiss
Shoes// Miz Moo 

It's always strange when I find something at the thrift store that looks vintage, but it isn't! I have a funny thrifting strategy, where when I find something, even if I like it, if it's from last season from H&M, or any basic store like that, I'm still reluctant to buy it. Just cause I want something that's lived a little ya know? A dress thats been through some stuff. I want all of the old dresses.

This dress looks vintage but its from target, and it's thrifted. So I made an exception, it's just so cute! I've been wanted a long sleeved dress for a bit now, even if the sleeves are sheer. Just looking at my clothing articles that don't have any sleeves at this time of year give me chills.

My week is going very productive-y. Last week was kinda meh. Working alone from your house gets tough sometimes to keep the moral up and perky. A lot of it was probably severe cabin fever. It seriously won't stop snowing. But the sun is out today, so there's that!
I promise I'm gonna try my hardest to talk less about weather. And not be boring. OK, that's all I got today.



Reagan said...

gotta love that there is so many vintage inspired clothing in stores now. love the colors in your dress as well :) great look!

Crissy said...

What a cute find!!

I'm the same way. I prefer older pieces that are unique but there's some that sneak their way in. I would love to see more vintage inspired clothing in stores!

MoMo said...

Those shoes are killer!