Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Film Photos // The Woods

Wowweee these pictures are all the way back from the summer! These are from a little detour hike we took on the way back from one of our little cabin trips.

Especially with our snowy and subzero weather hear in the north east, these pictures are making me sigh a bit.

In other news, my skates arrived yesterday! Once there's enough sun for me to get decent pictures I'll tell ya all about them, which may come in handy for any other beginners out there, I hope! The snow is really pissing me off now cause I can't drive anywhere to go to a roller rink and I sure as hell can't go skating anywhere outside. Womp womp wompppp!


1 comment:

Aishling said...

The first and last photos really remind me of Stand By Me! :D