Friday, January 17, 2014

Thrifted Head to Toe

Sweater, Dress, & Shoes// Thrifted
Glasses// c/o Coastal

Happy Friday! This week crawled a bit for me so I'm excited for some weekend relaxin'. So, yeah this entire outfit, aside from glasses and tights are thrifted! I got them all in the same trip. It's 90's tastic. Also, I was gonna photoshop out that big zit but I decided not to. We all get zits. Zits happen.

Last night I went skating for the second time! I went to the same place. My derby skates are in the mail so I still had to rent the crappy ones. I'm no expert just yet, but I know that the skates there are old and clumsy. I'm so pumped to get on some real skates! Anyways, back to last night. It was 21 and over night, so there were no kids for me to be scared of accidentally falling on. When we got there it was sort of dead, which is what I expected, like how many grown people leisurely skate on Thursday nights? I was so wrong. With in an hour is was PACKED. You guys, I think I found a portal to the 70's and it's at Hot Skates on Long Island on Thursday nights at approximately 10 o' clock. Apparently there's this huge subculture of middle aged people that skate/dance/prance to soul and disco. And they're really good at it. I swear to god I saw a man in a white leisure suit skate dancing in the middle of the rink under a disco ball. It could have not been more perfect. How did I not know about these people? Did I miss something? I had no idea this existed! I also saw a man that looked like Larry David doing spins! Who knew? I saw lots of ladies too, skating backwards and spinning and all that. I guess it proves that there so much out there in terms of interests and communities that most people don't know about. I mean I belong to the one where I pose in front of a tripod in my room and talk about thrifted clothing.

With that said, not too sure if it was the greatest environment for someone to practice skating for roller derby. I got lots of un-solicited advice/help from fellow skaters telling me to basically do the opposite of what you're supposed to do when you wanna skate like a derby girl. (one guy looked like Fabio and held out his hand for me and I was like I'M GOOD, THANKS.)  What all the other skaters were doing was much more, uh, graceful. Not knockin' it, those people were really really good. I just gotta find and indoor place for the rest of the winter that welcomes speed style skating. But once it gets warm I'm switchin' to the outdoor wheels and I'm starting the hunt for a good outdoor roller rink in the parks by me.



Katzi said...

That sweater is great! I'm a little jealous about your skating adventures! It's not as entertaining where I am...

Sonya Mann said...

I'm excited to vicariously have a skating journey ;) Also yay for red lipstick. ALSO, I didn't even notice the zit until you pointed it out, fwiw.

Miriam van Klinken said...

Haha great story to read when you've actually got to do homework and stuff! I hope your skating skills improve quickly and without too much injuries... I did skate myself long ago and I was sooo horrible at it that I quit after a few months.