Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter in the City

Dress// Modcloth (similar)
Shirt// Anthropologie
Socks// American Apparel 
Boots// Bass Outlet
Coat// Michael Kors
Hat// Target

I recruited Mike to take my outfit photos of me, but I took pictures of the cute animals.

I love long socks. I forgot I even had these, until I cleaned out my "junk" drawer. Not sure what they were even doing in there...but I love over the knee thick socks for winter. So cozy. Layering is always fun when you're spending a day in the city and going to be outside for a majority of the time. This is the coat I wear most of the time, it's the warmest one I have. I have yet to bite to bullet and get one of those puffy down coats. I hate the way those look but they are too warm to pass up. My mom has one, she calls it her "monster coat", and it's impossible to be cold when you wear it. Jealous.

Me and Mike went into the city yesterday to hang around downtown and then to our friends place for a very ridiculous and amusing screening of "Ancient Aliens". Thats show is all kinds of un-believeable and fun to watch with a group of friends who have good comebacks for everything.

As a self employed babe, I always feel weird on federal holidays and whether or not I should take the day off. Usually I get a lot of blog and laptop work done. I think today I'll plan on work on my little zine/book on my 365 Ways of Feminism project, do some design work, and possibly do some tidying around my quarters of the house. My pajama drawer is kind of out of control.

Whatever you're planning on doing today, hope you're having a good one!



reagan said...

just starting following your blog after discovering it through the modcloth style gallery.
love your style. so jealous of your awesome glasses collection!

Midge Blitz said...

Oh hai! Thank you so much! Your blog is adorable as well :)